Wannabe TV writer currently looking for the next menial job that doesn't involve a fucking apron.


10/14 – 12/14

Writer's Assistant The Straight Out Report 1

LOGO — Talk Show (TV) — Viacom Details
10/14 – 12/14

Typing, coordinating, and organizing scripts for the show’s creative consultants and show runner. Daily responsibilities included compiling writers’ submissions, typing and editing scripts, printing necessary documents for show day, and writing daily 
“hotsheets” of the best news headlines.

9/13 – 7/14

Writer (Associate Producer) Newsbreaker

Internet — News (TV) — Ora Media Details
9/13 – 7/14

Writing and developing editorial pieces and broadcast videos concerning the day’s top headlines across all news verticals; global, entertainment, politics, sports, and viral. Each day required gathering stories, writing scripts, hosting videos, blogging, managing social media accounts, designing assets and graphics.

6/13 – 9/13

Writer 3 Minute Update

3 Minute Update — Internet — Deal Global Holdings Details
6/13 – 9/13

Writing broadcast scripts across six verticals (sports, gaming, fashion, business, entertainment, and technology) for the show 3 Minute Update. This required sorting and compiling the daily headlines in each topic and writing articles.


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Class of '13

University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

Technical Writing
Class of '13

University of Southern California

Cinematic Arts Summer Program- Screenwriting


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Digital/Film Photography
  • Excel
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Final Draft
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Screenwriter
  • Web Publishing