I am a current film student who is extremely passionate about film making. I will be a director but I am looking for experience in every department and aspect of the film making process. I am a hard worker, I will be the first one there and last to leave.


4/16 – 5/16

Director Second Class Con

Film (Short) — (Student Film) Details
4/16 – 5/16

I was in charge of organizing and putting together a cast and crew, found filming locations and secure premissions to film, in charge of organizing and setting up scenes, worked with actors to produce the best preformance, dealt with problem solving at a moments notice and coming up with inventive solutions, oversaw all aspects of pre and post production

4/16 – 5/16

Second Unit Director Aftermath

Film (Short) — (Student Film) Details
4/16 – 5/16

In charge of overseeing shooting of pick up shots and additional scenes, working with cast and crew on very limited time to produce the best work possible, located and secured permission for filming locations, set up and organized equipment and shots.

3/16 – 4/16

Production Assistant Parrallel

Film (Short) — Student Thesis Film Details
3/16 – 4/16

I was in charge of crafty and general supplies for set, I filled on set dressing, helped with setting up lighting and equipment.


  • The Difference Between Life and Death


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Class of '18

University of Las Vegas



  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Production Assistant
  • Hard worker
  • dedicated
  • Passionate
  • Determined
  • second unit directing
  • aodbe premiere experience
  • sony vegas experience