A recent college graduate with a passion for film and television. Have worked on numerous sets in various roles; worked at late night show, "CONAN", as a production intern. Hard worker, fast learner, with good instincts and great people skills.


8/17 – 9/17

First Assistant Director More

Film (Theatrical)
8/17 – 9/17
6/17 – 6/17

First Assistant Director You Can't Teach Old Hollywood New Tricks

Internet Details
6/17 – 6/17

Created call sheet, gathered all props and dressed the set, did makeup, kept shoot moving efficiently and wrapped an hour early

2/17 – 2/17

Production Designer Miracles: The Blind Waiter

Internet — Ike & Tom Are: IT Details
2/17 – 2/17

Coordinated with director and producer to align visions, collected props with assigned budget, dressed the set for each scene, set creation and break down.

7/16 – 7/16

Producer Quickgram Down

Film (Short) — 1TEN Details
7/16 – 7/16

Worked under pressure to design and dress each scene as production designer. Additionally, scouted and secured locations, casted several roles, co-created soundtrack, transported actors and gear.

2/16 – 2/16

Production Designer Jillian's House

Film (Short) — Belmont University Details
2/16 – 2/16

Worked with budget to create production design for entire film. Planned and gathered props, dressed set and monitored frames throughout production. Also did wardrobe for the film, met with the leads and coordinated wardrobe with extras, last looks before each shot.

8/15 – 11/15

Producer The Interns

YOUTUBE — Internet Details
8/15 – 11/15

Wrote a three episode web series and produced, directed, and acted in the show, all while working part-time and being a full-time student. Secured locations, casted, recruited crew and extras, schedule 4 eight-hour shoot days, organized craft services, gathered props and designed the set.

1/15 – 5/15

Intern Conan

TBS — Talk Show (TV) — Conaco Productions Details
1/15 – 5/15

• Assisted in departments including: clips, digital, props, production, remote crew, research, stage management, and talent while building relationships with large staff • Substitute for the Conaco assistant: scheduled meetings, directed phones, made copies for the producers • Miscellaneous errands to ensure smooth production of each show: finding and purchasing research material, made copies and ran documents to various offices, cleaned, food runs for employees and talent • Stood in for Conan O'Brian and Andy Richter in the studio oftentimes reading lines and or in acting bits

3/15 – 3/15

Production Assistant Kids Choice Awards

Live Event — Viacom Details
3/15 – 3/15

Reported directly to show producer, used walkie talkie system to manage Chris Pratt’s entrance and exit to the venue, on and off stage for bits, and ensure his needs were met in a timely manner


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Class of '16

Belmont University

Bachelor of Arts in Entertainment Industry Studies


  • budgeting
  • Call Sheets
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Four years administrative experience
  • set dressing
  • walkie talkie system
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere