Hi! Thanks for looking at my Staff Me Up profile. I'm an Australian editor with over 9 years experience across comedy, reality, documentary, kids TV, teasers, sizzles and live sports broadcasts.


4/17 – Current

Editor (Avid) Beat Bobby Flay (Season 12)

Food Network — Reality/Doc (TV) — Rock Shrimp Productions
4/17 – Current
10/16 – 1/17

Editor (Avid) Accidental Heroes (Pilot)

Reality/Doc (TV) — Channel 9 Australia Details
10/16 – 1/17

Prediting a clip show pilot for Channel 9. The show was consequently picked up for a 10 episode run, of which I have edited all 10 episodes.

6/16 – 7/16

Editor (Avid) The Bachelor (Season 4)

Reality/Doc (TV) — Warner Bros. Television Details
6/16 – 7/16

Editing an episode of the Bachelor. Working with post producers to ensure the episode was entertaining and factually correct, while also fitting within the story arcs of the series.

3/16 – 5/16

Editor (Avid) Gogglebox Australia (Season 3)

Fox — Reality/Doc (TV) — Shine Australia Details
3/16 – 5/16

Editing together 10 families viewpoints on a particular subject they had watched on television that week. Ensuring multiple sides of a debate are represented.

1/16 – 3/16

Editor (Avid) Bushwhacked Bugs! (Season 1)

Scripted (TV) — Mint PIctures Details
1/16 – 3/16

Editing together 11 x 5 minute interstitials for scripted childrens television. Using both live action footage and animation to help tell the story of the totally awesome bugs that live in our backyards. Working closely with the director Jeff Siberry to ensure scientific accuracy as well as entertainment value.

11/15 – 3/16

Editor (Avid) Fighting ISIS (Pilot)

Sizzle Reel — Reality/Doc (TV) — Mint PIctures Details
11/15 – 3/16

Editing together a pilot and sizzle reel for various development projects at Mint Pictures, including 'FIghting ISIS' a front line documentary that followed several Australian soldiers who travel to Iraq and Syria to fight with the Kurdish Army against ISIS.

11/15 – 12/15

Editor (Avid) Aussie BBQ Heroes (Season 1)

Reality/Doc (TV) — Seven Network Australia Details
11/15 – 12/15

Editing together an episode of Aussie BBQ Heroes. A reality/lifestyle cooking competition that pitted 9 teams of two in elimination rounds to see who would win the $10,000 and be crowned the Aussie BBQ Heroes.

8/15 – 11/15

Editor (Avid) Kim and Courtney's Theory of Awesomeness (Season 2)

Scripted (TV) — Mint PIctures Details
8/15 – 11/15

Editing together 10 x 5 minute interstitials fusing adrenaline, adventure and science. We follow Kim and Courtney as they teach children the science behind today's epic machines, such as hovercrafts, rollercoasters, monster trucks, tanks and gliders.


  • Screen Editors Guild (Australia)



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Class of '09

College of Fine Arts (UNSW)

Master in Digital Media

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