I work hard and dont mind getting my hands dirty. I love being on set regardless of position. I have a new car that can be used for airport pickups.


12/16 – 12/16

Second Assistant Director Lezbomb

Film (Feature-length) — Choice Films Details
12/16 – 12/16

Created call sheets and PRs daily Distributed schedules and information to cast and crew. Handled paperwork, exhibit G, abd special requests for talent. Ran 1st team when necessary

11/16 – 12/16

Key Set Production Assistant WYFD Season 2

NBC — Live/Special Event — Laughing Buddha Comedy Details
11/16 – 12/16

Lead 6 PAs in daily load in and load out Wrangled Talent Two days post and 4 days pre of office work

9/16 – 9/16

Production Assistant New Listing

Lifetime — TV — Deinstitutionalized Details
9/16 – 9/16

Did 2 days of office pre-production (crew list, cast list etc) Handled catering organization for the run of show Handled mobile PO set-up Completed base camp set up Helped running 1st team Helped running BG Organized set up for Lock ups 1 day of post production returning equipment and driving cargo van

8/16 – 9/16

Production Assistant Curtains

Lifetime — TV — Deinstitutionalized Details
8/16 – 9/16

Walkie Distribution and collection Ran 1st team on multiple occasions Handled BG paperwork and control for full day shoots. Set-up basecamp when necessary Set-up mobile PO Was on set often at 1st AD's side

8/16 – 8/16

Key Set Production Assistant Zero Shapiro (Pilot)

TV — ND Studios Details
8/16 – 8/16

Walkie charging, distribution, and collection. Delegated responsibilities to PA team Handled crafty and catering set-up handled basecamp set-up Distributed call-sheets and sides Completed the daily Production Report and distributed to essential crew and SAG

8/16 – 8/16

Production Assistant

Unstoppable — Advertising — ND Studios Details
8/16 – 8/16

Set-up and take-down of base camp. Catering set-up Oversaw the company move for production. Street lock-up with police on sight. Walkie distribution and retrieval

6/15 – 8/16

Key Set Production Assistant Locke

Film (Short) — ND Studios Details
6/15 – 8/16

I handled Walkie inventory, distribution, and collection. I handled call sheet, sides, and shot list distribution. I oversaw the Production Assistant team and managed responsibilities directly from the 1st AD I oversaw basecamp set-up and take down

4/16 – 7/16

Production Secretary Marshall

Film (Feature-length) — Smoke Stack Productions Details
4/16 – 7/16

I distributed email notifications of any call sheet changes or scheduling changes. I opened accounts with businesses for rentals (grip, electric, camera, etc). I handled all hotel and living accommodations for 70+ cast & crew. I handled airport pick-up and drop offs for both Cast and Crew. I organized car and van rental for 30+ vehicles. I organized all pre production catering as well as lunch order for the production office through the run of production and post. I handled our FedEx account. I organized the online drop box files as well as physical files for the whole of the production office.


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My Gear

  • Windows Laptop
  • Printer
  • General Office supplies


  • Cast List
  • accomidation and flight sheet
  • and vendor list
  • Can create crew list
  • costa and analysis sheet for accomidations
  • Good with Petty Cash and PO's
  • Hard working and wont sit down while on a PA job
  • Have great on-set demeanor
  • Have handled PR on non-union shows
  • Have handled SAG distribution on a union show
  • Have often handled Walkie distribution and pick-up