I am a great worker and will do anything and everything to get a job done. I have often been told that I am very nice and easy to work with. I will admittedly say that I don't know everything about the different jobs I work on and still have much to learn, but I want to improve and get better so I will learn anything I have to. The first feature worked on, I didn't know anything about 2nd ACing but had to learn very quickly to be able to keep up. The same is true for the first project I was 1st AD on.


10/16 – 10/16

First Assistant Director No Chill (Season 1)

YOUTUBE — Internet — Insane Genius Productions Details
10/16 – 10/16

My main priority on set was making sure everything was done on time but this production I also had many other responsibilities since it was such a small crew. It felt really great later on when the crew told me I was the best AD they worked with.

7/16 – 7/16

Second Assistant Camera Nightmare Nanny

Film (Theatrical) — 4500 Productions Inc. Details
7/16 – 7/16

I had to make sure that batteries were charged and help move the camera for the different setups. I brought anything to the 1st AC to help build the camera. I did anything the 1st AC, camera operator, and cinematographer, told me to do.

6/16 – 6/16

Second Assistant Camera Ray Meets Helen

Film (Theatrical) — Your Own Dime, LLC Details
6/16 – 6/16

This was the first feature I worked on and it was incredibly beneficial to my experience as to what a 2nd AC does. I had to learn very quickly the names of everything and set protocol so as to keep up.


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Class of '17

Los Angeles City College

Film and Television