I have been into making films for a very long time, ever since I was seventeen years old. I am in my 30's now. I've had a vast amount of experience with video editing, cinematography, grip work, and gaffer work, as well as knowledge in television.


8/17 – 12/17

First Assistant Camera The Dragon

Film (Short) — N/A Details
8/17 – 12/17

My duties include adjusting the camera lens and 'pulling focus' as I followed the action on set, managing and maintaining camera equipment and accessories, Following instructions from the Director or Director of Photography (DoP). My knowledge gained for shooting on "The Dragon" film included gaining experience of cameras, lenses and all related equipment, keeping up-to-date with new techniques and equipment, having good eyesight, accurately judging distances, gaining more agility and speed, and more of an increased level of paying precise attention to detail. I was also to collaborate and work as part of the team, being diplomatic and sensitive when working with artists and crew, and knowing about health and safety legislation and procedures.

8/17 – 11/17

Teleprompter Oklahoma News Report (ONR)

PBS — News (TV) — OETA Details
8/17 – 11/17

Responsibilities included carrying out the main functions of the teleprompting position as controlling the speed of the text that would go to the studio for the news anchors to read. I gained lots of practice with this and gained the ability to work and as smooth, even pace without making any mistakes for the news broadcasts.

8/17 – 11/17

Grip OETA Movie Club

PBS — TV Movie/Mini — OETA Details
8/17 – 11/17

My responsibilities included using and setting up a variety of tools and filming equipment such as C-stands, handling and setting up apple boxes, setting up booms, aluminum senior stands, double risers, triple risers, light stands, tripods, mounting cameras, mini booms, and chrome extension grip arms. I've also worked with tools such as spring clamps, various kinds of manual and power tools for constructions on sets, baby pipe clamps, C-clamps, rod clamps with baby pins, and Python Double Clamps for setting up movie club as well as various other parts of sets for OETA during my internship.

8/17 – 11/17

Camera Operator (Ikegami 973 EX studio camera ) OETA - Movie Club & ONR News

PBS — Live / Special Event (TV) — OETA Details
8/17 – 11/17

Responsibilities included operating the camera on live television and getting a variety of effective shots for the shoot. I was coordinated by the director of the control room into doing what they needed me to do and the shots that I was supposed to take. I followed the schedule as outlined for each break and handed out the schedules for the shoot on each day of the fundraiser for OETA. I gained a mass amount of knowledge of the studio cameras I used and spent a lot of time getting to know the technical parts of how the camera worked to where I could utilize it to the best of my ability.

8/17 – 9/17

Gaffer Fundraiser

PBS — Live / Special Event (TV) — OETA Details
8/17 – 9/17

Responsibilities included preparing the lights overhead in the studio before the fundraiser began for shooting. I would be in charge of the dimmer board at the appropriate times for lighting the set and deciding which part of the set would need the most light. I would also set up other lights for various parts of the sets for extra effects to bring out the full potential of the show that we were hosting during August to September.

1/17 – 5/17

Editor (Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects) The Witch

Film (Short) — N/A Details
1/17 – 5/17

My responsibilities included preparing the proper graphics, illustrations, and special effects for the film as well as using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to pull off my desired results. I edited the film together in less than a week due to my fast editing skills that I had been working on since I was seventeen years old. The class and my professor saw my work as a complete success.

8/16 – 12/16

Boom Operator Loneliness and Tragedy

Film (Short) — Oklahoma City Community College Details
8/16 – 12/16

Responsibilities included having the strength to hold the boom for long periods of time for the filming process. My other responsibilities included being a strong team player, working with my team to the best of my ability, was willing and able to compromise with the film maker who was in charge of making the film, paying close attention to detail and concentrate for long periods of time while on the set, having good knowledge of audio equipment and sound technology, having knowledge of the television production process, having excellent hearing and a good memory for dialogue, having excellent timing for anticipating lines and moving the boom accordingly. I gained the ability of having excellent balance, agility and physical strength, matched with good spatial awareness and hand/eye co-ordination. I also possessed knowledge of microphone characteristics, lighting techniques and camera lens angles. I gained excellent communication skills, including diplomacy and sensitivity when working with artists and crew members, being patient, self-disciplined and reliable. I also gained knowledge of the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures as well.



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Class of '17

Oklahoma City Community College

A.A.S. - film and video production technician
Class of '08

Penn Foster High School

High School Diploma


  • Aesthetic judgement
  • analytical
  • analytical skills
  • articulation
  • assertiveness
  • cinematography
  • confidence
  • conflict resolution
  • creating presentation slides
  • creativity
  • critical thinking
  • decision making
  • detail orientation
  • dressing professionally
  • editing
  • explaining
  • flexibility
  • honesty
  • humility
  • interpersonal skills
  • leadership
  • listening
  • meeting deadlines
  • motivating others
  • multitasking
  • networking
  • organizational
  • perserverance
  • persistence
  • planning
  • politeness
  • positive attitude
  • practicality
  • prioritization
  • prioritizing
  • problem solving
  • project management
  • projection
  • punctuality
  • receiving criticism and feedback
  • relationship building
  • research
  • resilience
  • respect
  • scheduling
  • social skills
  • teamwork
  • technical skills
  • time management
  • word processing
  • working in fast paced environment
  • working under pressure
  • writing