Experienced and friendly media guy that works for reasonable rates and works very hard. Licensed Drone Pilot. Multitalented and always willing to learn a new skill or improve on an old one. You'll love having me in pre-pro, on set or post.


3/20 – Current

Director (Producer/Shooter) Untitled Bateman Horne ME/CFS Documentary

Film (Theatrical) — Glemati Road Pictures Details
3/20 – Current

Director and Producer of this documentary, overseeing pre-production, setting up interviews, preparing legal forms, hiring crew, shaping the story.

9/19 – Current

Producer Alternative Peaks (Working Title)

Film (Theatrical) — Alternative Peaks LLC Details
9/19 – Current

Producing the documentary, initial interview set ups, forming the business entities, hiring team members, facilitating preproduction meetings, planning and scheduling.

9/19 – Current

Director of Photography (DP) Alternative Peaks (Working Title)

Film (Theatrical) — Alternative Peaks LLC Details
9/19 – Current

Director of Photography. Responsible for getting the vision of the director on screen.

5/11 – Current

Producer/Shooter – Glemati Road Pictures

5/11 – Current

I am the owner of this small production company that specializes in short form film or industrial films. Since May of 2011 I have successfully run this company and have produced content for nearly 20 different companies and individuals.

3/17 – 12/19

Producer/Shooter (Sony XD CAM) Bateman Horne Live Webcast

YouTube — Digital — Glemati Road Pictures Details
3/17 – 12/19

Monthly live webcast of medical professionals discussing various techniques to diagnose ailments. Producing / camera operating, live switch from powerpoint presentation to presenter, PIP.

10/19 – 10/19

First Assistant Camera (B-Camera) Stay Out of the Fucking Attic

Film (Theatrical)
10/19 – 10/19
9/19 – 9/19

First Assistant Camera – Zip Top Bags

Commercial/Ad — Overcranked Pictures LLC
9/19 – 9/19
9/19 – 9/19

First Assistant Camera – Chirp

Commercial/Ad — Overcranked Pictures LLC Details
9/19 – 9/19

First Assistant Camera, lens swaps, battery swaps, pulling focus.


  • Bicycle Collective - Short Film

  • The Rogue Legends Series - Chapter 1: Eugen Sandow / 8K


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Mike Colón
Executive Producer/Director
Brannon is one of the hardest working people in this business. I trusted Brannon to assist the camera dept. and manage the media. He executed with urgency, professionalism, and went above and beyond what was expected of him - technically, creativel ...MORE...


Class of '12

Art Institute of Salt Lake

Bachelor's Degree / Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

My Gear

  • Mavic Air drone


  • Producer
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Camera Operator
  • Adobe Suite
  • Associate Producer
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • SFX
  • DIT
  • AC
  • Licensed Drone Pilot