I come from a Theatre background, I was fortunate enough to learn an abundance of transferrable skills that has landed me jobs in various departments. To get to the point in minimal words. “I’m well rounded” Theres NOTHIG I can't do or learn.


3/22 – 4/22

Production Assistant Sex Sells (Season 2)

Fuse — TV Details
3/22 – 4/22

I’m this production I was responsible for taking the second camera crew around to capture B-roll footage for the show. I went on multiple runs that’s involved purchasing props, meals and camera equipment. I also worked as a stand in to assist the talent with props for transitions which assisted in capturing footage in a fluid manner. Having a script supervising background I assisted the producer and co executive producer in capturing the scripted notes. I was showed how to do the how to’s in a short period of time and was given the opportunity to take notes for the producer on the show.

3/22 – 3/22

Script Supervisor High Priestess

Film (Short) — Damn Write Originals Details
3/22 – 3/22

I worked on this project as a script supervisor. I lines and broke down the script during pre-production, during production I stay on task and note every shot that the director wanted and noted the best takes for each scene. I assisted with timing the dialogue from the actors to assure that they delivering their lines in a timely manner based off of the page breakdown and actions given. I gave notes of to the actors to assure that they moved their bodies and hair as before to keep continuity. I delivered lines to the actors as needed and noted if and when dialogue changed.

2/22 – 2/22

Script Supervisor (Script Supervisor ) MotorHome

Film (Short) — BarloTvandFilms Details
2/22 – 2/22

I was added on for some pickups and reshoots on this film. I mainly assisted with continuity and giving action to the actors during moments of not having lines to make the content believable. I stood in to assure eye lines were met and dialogue was given in a timely manner based off of the breakdown of the script.

6/19 – 6/19

Production Coordinator

YouTube — Advertising — Jacobs Eye Marketing Details
6/19 – 6/19

I work as the Pre- Production Coordinator for this company. I have worked with this company a few time now as the Script Supervisor. This next commercial is on the opposite coast so we have hired two production companies that I manage across the states.

4/19 – 4/19

Script Supervisor Jacobs Eye

Air National Guard — Advertising — Freelance Script Supervisor Details
4/19 – 4/19

I work as a freelance script supervisor for the Air National Guard Southeast Production division. I have worked with this company as a Script Supervisor and Production manager for a few commercials.

3/19 – 3/19

Production Manager

Air National Guard — Advertising — Jacobs Eye Marketing Details
3/19 – 3/19

-Main task was organizing all of the production needs for pre/post production. -Set budget for the needs of the production, which included paying all staff of the production. -Hired catering services and managed other expenses used daily. -Completion of production book(s), with proof of purchases receipts. -Assisted EIC in setting a production budget.

8/18 – 8/18

Script Supervisor Novella

Damn Write Originals — Film (Short) — Damn Write Originals Details
8/18 – 8/18

I worked on this film as script for this short film. Awards were issued for the production in film festivals and it is still getting recognition.

6/18 – 7/18

Stage Manager Shakespeare Kennesaw

Theatre — Live/Special Event — Kennesaw State University Details
6/18 – 7/18

As a Theatre major I'm well rounded on and off stage. I was hired as the Sound Board OP, soon after I was given other roles to fulfill. I became an assistant stage manager and I was in charge of all props. I also worked in the scene shop and assisted the Technical director in the building of the set. I have an abundance amount of experience on and off stage.


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Class of '18

Kennesaw State University

Bachelors of the Arts: Theatre Production Minor in dance
Class of '11

Merritt College

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