My name is Izrael Hinds and I am a 20 year old filmmaker. When I was little I've always wanted to be a film director whether I realized it or not. It wasn't until I was 16 when I decided to start making films. Fast forward to the present I've created a solid body of work and I know 100% that I am close to completely living my dream as a filmmaker by being on staff me up. I'm not the most talented filmmaker, but I guarantee that I am the most hardworking, creative, and ever evolving storyteller and filmmaker


10/17 – 10/17

Stand In (For one of the main leads) The Hate U Give

Film (Feature-length) — Fox 2000 Pictures Details
10/17 – 10/17

I would take the place of the actor I was standing in for so the Director and DP could set up and light the shot they needed to get.


  • Spirit of Garvey

  • Sarcadosis PSA


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