My experience working with several genres of music and entertainment, in studio & live settings, accompanied by my passion for music and entertainment assures me that I can provide you with top quality, professional & tasteful recordings, mixes and edits.


9/17 – Current

Sound Engineer – Apella Event Space

9/17 – Current

• Perform a full range of A/V services: Set-up & operate (soundcheck, troubleshooting, mixing), repair & maintenance, stage lighting, live audio reinforcement for events/ performances/shows. Coordinating events with crew and client, setting up PA, mics, staging, cabling, cameras, lighting (choosing the best equipment and processes to achieve the clients goal) and operating/ running various sound boards mainly an Allen & Heath Q32. Special Guests that I’ve ran sound for: Hillary Clinton (speaking for a fundraiser/ conference).

4/16 – Current

Sound Engineer – Premier Studios NY

4/16 – Current

• • • Running recording sessions and providing industry standard, top quality mixes as a house engineer for Premier Studios and for my own clientele as a freelance engineer. Mainly working with Hip-Hop, Pop & R&B music/artists for record labels. In Preparation: choosing appropriate mics & gear, running cable, making the necessary patches/connections, testing & troubleshooting, frequently updating personal record and mix templates to efficiently and quickly serve the client, while remaining professional and within the “rules” of music and audio. Daily/Weekly duties: recording vocals and or individual instruments, sometimes full bands, mixing vocals to a 2-track or stemmed out electronic music or to real instruments. Providing full tracked out final mixes on singles, tapes, short-films, voiceovers, podcasts and much more, at an industry standard for the average consumer to enjoy. The majority of my week I’m performing these duties and operating at a high professional level, skill and business wise, to service my own clientele, built outside of Premier, as well as servicing Premier’s label clients : Most Used Equip: Pro Tools 10-12, Logic Pro X, WAVE, UAD, Fab-Filter, Antares, Sonnox, SPL, Sound Toys, Slate Digital, U87, U47, Sony C800, AKG 414s, various Shure mics, various instrument mics, LA-2As, LL-76s, Tube Tech CL1Bs, Neve 1073s, API eq’s & amps, distressors, SSL Nucleus control surface, Manley VoxBox, Avalon Tube Amps & Compressors, Digi Design Icon, C24 control surface, SSL J9000, SSL AWS, various fx units and much more Occasionally doing the same work with the same equip. as a staff engineer @ Manhattan Beach Studios (New York, New York) April 2019 - December 2019


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Class of '16

Old Dominion University

Music Business Production (unfinished)
Class of '15

Omega Studios: School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences

Audio Engineering for the Music & Entertainment Industries


  • Music Production
  • AVID Pro Tools
  • Audio recording
  • Logic Pro
  • FOH Mixing
  • Audio/Sound Mixing
  • Studio Mixing & Mastering
  • Podcast Editing & Mixing
  • PA Set-up