My normal days as post-production supervisor are between 10 to 16 hours, so being long days as they are, I find gratification and motivation in creating processes and workflow and see how they work smoothly.


3/20 – Current

Post Production Supervisor Fashion's A Drag (Season 1)

Quibi — Digital — Hearst Magazines Details
3/20 – Current

.-During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, in addition to the typical task as a post-production supervisor, I also created a post-production workflow that could accommodate editors working remotely under a very tight deadline. 2 shows of 6 minutes each had to be shot, edited & mastered in 2 days. The workflow also includes transferring high res footage to the editors who are located in different states in the U.S. Using this workflow, we were able to deliver 10 shows a week.

10/19 – 3/20

Post Production Supervisor Tom 2020 Presidential Campaign

Digital — Digital — Tom 2020 Details
10/19 – 3/20

Supervised the post-production of more than 800 videos for the presidential campaign of Tom Steyer.

1/16 – 10/19

Post Production Supervisor (Show: Dr Oakley Yukon Vet (seasons 1-5) /National Geographic Wild) – Lucky Dog Films

1/16 – 10/19

-Supervised the post-production of more than 80 hours of shows for cable television from ingesting to final delivery to the networks (National Geographic Wild, Discovery, DIY, HGTV, etc.) -Planned & supervised the transition from Final Cut Pro 7 to Premiere Pro CC. -Created a workflow on Premiere Pro CC so the color grading could be done on native source files instead of transcoded or flattened files. -Created an internal quality control process to detect & fix technical issues on the masters before they were delivered to the networks. This made the masters go smoothly through the network's quality control process. -Supervised the preparation of picture-locked sequences for online work, mixing & color grading. -Thoroughly scheduled all the steps of the mastering process to avoid leaving behind some tasks could possibly delay the process. -Trained & supervised Assistant Editors. -Supervised that the ingesting & syncing of the footage was done properly. -Communicated technical information to field crews to assure footage was recorded following network’s specifications regarding camera codecs, resolution, video bitrate, frame rates, etc. -Ensured that producers & editors got the footage they needed to write & edit their shows. -Oversaw the creation of OMF files for audio mixing. -Attended to audio & video reviews to oversee that shows were complying with network’s technical specifications. -Coordinated with Producers, Editors & Assistant Editors the creation of deliverables to assure on-time deliveries. -Inspected the SAN was working properly. -Ensured edit suites have necessary hardware & software for producers & editors to work in their shows. -Create a yearly post-production budget for the company. -Researched & purchased new post-production equipment. -Besides my post-production supervisor duties, I also managed the DIT equipment & performed the maintenance of the company Mac computers. -I was also the administrator of the company Dropbox share system. -Supervised that the archival process on LTO tapes was done according to company requirements.


  • POP UP HOTEL - Great American Country

  • Building Off the Grid: Island Oasis | Discovery - DIY Network


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Class of '11

Ohio University School Of Film

Master in Fine Arts iin Film and Video Production
Class of '00

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Bachelor Degree in Social Communication


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Advanced experience Final cut 7
  • Advanced experience Avid Media Composer
  • Advanced experience Premiere Pro CC
  • Advanced experience Plural Eyes
  • Advanced experience Pro Tools
  • Advanced experience Dropbox
  • Advanced experience Frame io
  • Advanced experience Google suite
  • Advanced experience Slack
  • Advanced experience Zoom
  • Advanced experience Asana
  • Advanced experience Final Draft
  • Advanced experience with Jungle Gorilla Scheduling & Budgeting
  • Moderate Experience DaVinci Resolve
  • Moderate Experience with After Effects
  • Languages: Spanish & English.