Documentary Director, Producer, Shooter. I have over ten years of experience producing a wide variety of documentaries for networks including PBS, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. I also have a Canon 5D camera package.


8/15 – Current

Producer (Producer, DP, Editor) National Geographic News

National Geographic — Internet — Alita Films Details
8/15 – Current

Directed, Produced, Shot and Edited piece for National Geographic News about the Starfish Die-Off, about a Bee Queen, and a Roadkill Artist. See examples below.

2/15 – Current

Co-Producer The Doctor War

PBS — Reality/Doc (TV) — Kate McMahon Productions Details
2/15 – Current

Co-producing a documentary about the changing landscape of healthcare today from the doctor's perspective. Aimed at PBS distribution. Currently in post-production.

6/11 – Current

Director (Producer, DP, Writer) Waiting for John

Film (Theatrical) — Alita Films Details
6/11 – Current

"Waiting for John" is a feature length documentary I directed and shot about an extraordinary religion called a cargo cult found on a remote island in the South Pacific. The film had its World Premiere at Hawaii International Film Festival and aired on PBS in Pacific Heartbeat series.

3/15 – 1/16

Director (Producer, Camera, Editor) AJ+

Aljazeera+ — Internet — Alita Films Details
3/15 – 1/16

Directed, Produced, Shot and Edited short videos. A few examples of Drought Hack: Lawn Painting, which had over 36 million views on Facebook, and Monks Brew Beer below.

8/15 – 9/15

Producer PBS Pledge Drive

PBS — Live / Special Event (TV) — Oregon Public Television Details
8/15 – 9/15

Produced and oversaw graphics, talent, crew, scripting and all elements of live pledge drive.

1/15 – 7/15

Director (Producer, Camera, Editor) Discovery Digital Seeker Network — Internet — Alita Films Details
1/15 – 7/15

Directed, Produced, Shot and Edited short videos for Seeker Network. See Mountain Unicycling, Snuggle Party and Wild Horse Birth Control below.

1/14 – 12/14

Producer Riot Games Branded Content Project

Internet — Public Record Details
1/14 – 12/14

See here: Developed story beats, found and cast internet game players from around the world. Line produced the shoots, keeping within our budget as well as planning the logistics of complex international production in Brazil, South Korea, and Egypt.

12/13 – 1/14

Director (Producer, DP Editor) Teaching Fatherhood

Film (Short) — Alita Films Details
12/13 – 1/14

"Teaching Fatherhood" is a short film commissioned by PBS's POV website - I approached the main character, pitched the story, and directed, shot, and edited the film on deadline.


  • Why Are So Many Starfish Dying?

  • She Dances With 10,000 Bees on Her Body


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Class of '04

Northwestern University

Bachelor of Science in Radio/TV/Film

New York University Continuing Studies Program

Film Studies London Program, United Nations Geneva Program

My Gear

  • Audio Package (shotgun and wireless mic with zoom recorder)
  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Canon Lenses (70-200mm 25-105mm 16-35mm)
  • Final Cut Pro 7 Edit Suite
  • Tripod and handheld rig


  • Casting
  • Directing
  • Final Cut Pro 7 Editing
  • International Production Logistics
  • Producing
  • Shooting
  • Story Development