Ilona, a Screenwriter, based in Wyckoff, has 2 Screenwriter credits, and has been a member since 2013.


3/13 – 5/13

Screenwriter (Head Writer) Exquisite Potential

Film (Theatrical) Details
3/13 – 5/13

As head writer, I had to pitch ideas for four short segments as well as write them. I managed three other staff writers and collaborated with them to come up with our final product. I was present each day on set to help the actors and make last minute changes.

1/12 – 5/12

Screenwriter (Editor, Director) Intro to TV Production

Scripted (TV) Details
1/12 – 5/12

My resposibility as Writer/Director was to write, block, and rehearse weekly sketches before we recorded and edited them. I also edited them before we aired them for the school.


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Class of '13

William Paterson University

BA Communications and Media Production

My Gear

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe Premiere CS6
  • Celtx
  • Final Draft


  • Screenwriting
  • Video Editing