About me:


2/15 – 4/15

Post Production Supervisor (Editor) Agents of Fortune

Live Event Details
2/15 – 4/15

A mixed-media pilot, a combination of short film and live theater. I created the post workflow from capture to deliverable. I was also responsible for the creation of a schedule, and duty assignment for the freelancers, including stepping in when those individuals were unable to complete the work by deadline.

8/12 – 8/14

Producer (Editor) Making the Connection: The Service Learning Revolution

Reality/Doc (TV) — JPG Productions, LLC Details
8/12 – 8/14

In charge of scheduling/budgeting, finding locations, getting releases signed/filed, accounting, equipment purchases/rental. Managing all aspects of production, post-production and distribution.

8/12 – 12/12

Post Production Supervisor (Editor) The Last Man on Earth

Film (Theatrical) — N/A Details
8/12 – 12/12

Organized,managed, and backed up all media sent to me. Synced audio and .R3Dpicture files. Edited the picture with temp sfx & music. Created open and end titles. Color corrected all shots. Locked and sent OMF's to audio mixer. Color graded the final sequence and exported several different master deliverables.

9/05 – 9/07

Post Production Supervisor (Editor) The Ninja Way

Film (Theatrical) — Pulse Motion Pictures Details
9/05 – 9/07

Manage and organize all media sent to me. Create backups. Edit with the director's/producer's direction. Maintain multiple versions of sequences and clips. Color correction. Motion graphics title creation. 3D vfx & compositing. Sound/dialogue editing. Sound mixer. Color grading. Multiple deliverables for distribution.

9/06 – 7/07

Producer (Editor) The Hugh Thompson Show 1

Talk Show (TV) — JPG Productions, LLC Details
9/06 – 7/07

Charged with creating scheduling, budgeting, finding/booking talent, finding studio space, hiring crew, going on-location for field packages, getting releases written/signed/filed. under budget & on time.

2/05 – 3/05

Editor Fast Lane Biker Pilot

Reality/Doc (TV) — Pulse Motion Pictures Details
2/05 – 3/05

Edit footage shot for the pilot episode. Export to final deliverable.

8/00 – 8/02

Associate Producer (Editor) – Primedia Workplace Learning, Inc.

8/00 – 8/02

In charge of scheduling/budgeting, hiring crew, finding/renting locations, travel, lodging, meals, for filed packages and live-to-air broadcasts. In charge of managing all post-production edits, graphics and animation for broadcast.

3/97 – 8/00

Editor – Filmhouse, Inc.

3/97 – 8/00

Edited TV commercials and music videos for corporate clients. Became lead editor for government contract work.


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The University of Southern Mississippi

Bachelor of Science


  • Adobe premiere pro
  • advanced composition
  • advanced design
  • Avid Media Composer
  • budgeting
  • Color Correction
  • Color grading
  • computer trouble shooting
  • Final Cut Pro
  • mac proficient
  • Mentoring
  • Motion graphics
  • scheduling
  • storytelling
  • Team Management
  • Training
  • Visual Effects
  • well-honed sense of rhythm
  • windows proficient