All my life I have had a creative passion for storytelling. From acting, to filmmaking, to now sound design. I'm fascinated by film audio, how it can shape both mood and story. I would love to bring my passion and talent to your project.


6/16 – 6/16

Sound Mixer Love A Community

Film (Short) Details
6/16 – 6/16

+ Short documentary done for African organization Love A Community + Designed BG's and Edited Dialogue + Mixed all Dialogue, Effects, and Music

5/16 – 6/16

Sound Designer To Hell and Back

Film (Short) Details
5/16 – 6/16

+ Short film done on freelance- in LGBT festival circuit + Designed, Edited, and Mixed all non-musical audio. + Created multilayered sounds for Hell and Purgatory.

5/16 – 5/16

Sound Designer Clearance (Trailer)

Digital Details
5/16 – 5/16

+ Trailer done on freelance + Designed, Edited, and Mixed all non-musical audio. + Crafted space station and outer space atmospheres

10/15 – 12/15

Sound Designer (Lead) Mr. Chu's Evaluations

Film (Short) Details
10/15 – 12/15

+ Short film in festival circuit. + Lead two assistants through the entire film sound process. + Recorded and mixed sound on set. + Edited dialogue, SFX, and BGs. + Lead a Foley and ADR session + Lead Final Mix on a professional dub stage.



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Class of '16

University of Southern California

Bachelor of Arts


  • Avid
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Audition
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Editing
  • Sound mixing
  • AVID Pro Tools
  • On Set Recording