Ten years as a photographer & camera operator have taken me from Israel during the 2006 conflict, to South Sudan during the 2014 conflict and many exciting and peaceful places between. Send me anywhere, I love a challenge.


5/13 – Current

Videographer (5dmIII) African Soul American Heart

Reality/Doc (TV) — J Wunderlich Photography Details
5/13 – Current

DP in the field in Eastern Africa, for a month at a time, over the past three years, capturing the journey of 3 out of a group of 34 orphaned schoolgirls from South Sudan, who have fled to Northern Uganda with the organization ASAH (Africa Soul American Heart,) to continue their pursuit for an education. I lived for a month with the girls in their village in Duk County, South Sudan, found two of them along their journey to Uganda during the conflict, and have returned to spend many months with them since they have settled in Northern Uganda, all the while learning more of the importance of educating girls in developing nations. This is an ongoing project. During my visits I film and edit a piece which ASAH can use to inform potential donors.

5/13 – Current

Director of Photography (Canon 5dmIII) Bright Soldiers

Film (Theatrical) — JWPhotography Details
5/13 – Current

Director, Photographer and Editor on a five year long documentary project following a small group of orphaned girls on their journey through war and displacement, to their quest for an education.

8/17 – 8/17

Production Assistant Ice Cold Murder

OXYGN — Reality/Doc (TV) — Asylum Entertainment
8/17 – 8/17
8/17 – 8/17

Videographer Market Scale

Corporate — Market Scale Details
8/17 – 8/17

Lead Shooter

8/11 – 10/12

Editor (FCP) Out Living It

Film (Theatrical) — Serac Films Details
8/11 – 10/12

Primary Editor on FCP7 in charge of multiple assistant editors.

5/11 – 10/12

Writer Out Living It

Film (Theatrical) — Serac Films Details
5/11 – 10/12

I developed story along with the director prior to and during the edit process.

3/11 – 10/12

Camera Operator (5d) Out Living It

Film (Theatrical) — Serac Films Details
3/11 – 10/12

Filming unscripted reality with groups of up to 25 people in outdoor adventure settings (rock climbing and whitewater kayaking.) Working with a two camera crew with audio. Problem solving complicated shooting setups on water, and rock. Capturing key emotional moments within the group, on the fly. Media management in the field.

1/11 – 10/12

Assistant Editor (FCP) High Ground

Film (Theatrical) — Serac Films Details
1/11 – 10/12

Editing scenes to drop into timeline.



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Class of '05

Brooks Institute of Photography

BFA Visual Journalism

My Gear

  • Canon 5dmIII
  • Canon 7d
  • Canon L Series lens kit
  • Light Panel Kit
  • Shotgun
  • Wireless Lav
  • Zeiss
  • zoom audio recorder


  • NPPA


  • AE graphics
  • camera operator
  • climber/horsebackrider/mountainbiker/raftguide/WillGoAnywhere
  • climbing
  • editor on FCP
  • editor on Premier
  • emt
  • horseback riding
  • mountain biking
  • problemsolver
  • rafting
  • resourceful traveler
  • scuba
  • skydive