Usually known as the calmest one on set. Keep it fun, but like to get right to work. Can handle whatever you need as an Art Director. Can work as a local in LA, NYC, Atlanta, Nashville or Miami. It's good to have friends in all the best cities!


5/17 – Current

Art Director Girl Starter Tour

Live Event — Cloverdale Productions Details
5/17 – Current

Traveling to 10 cities to find the contestants for the 2nd season of Girl Starter, we are creating a set that can be easily set up, broken down, and transported all down the East Coast. Using and altering many set pieces from Season 1, while creating fun, interactive spaces for many of our sponsors.

4/13 – Current

Art Director (& Coordinating Producer) – Bud Light/Champions Kids Camp

4/13 – Current

Charity Event - Designer & Crew chief - logistics, lighting, sound, décor, and all other crew members. Producing a live concert event from the ground up.

1/17 – 3/17

Art Director Girl Starter 1

TLC — Reality/Doc (TV) — Al Roker Entertainment Details
1/17 – 3/17

As Lead Art Director, I was responsible for overseeing the build of our set, choosing and laying out furniture, and other set pieces in a constantly moving set as contestants are eliminated. In addition, I designed many other graphics to be printed as cleared art pieces, and custom graphics for the different teams competing.

12/16 – 12/16

Art Director Divas Holiday: Unsilent Night

VH1 — Live / Special Event (TV) — Bigger Boat Inc. Details
12/16 – 12/16

Purchased and rented furnishings for dressing rooms for the Divas, making them all different but equally beautiful. Introduced to Patti Labelle's Sweet Potato Pie!

10/16 – 10/16

Art Director – Bentley Motors

Commercial/Ad — Zoomari Films Details
10/16 – 10/16

Beautiful ad for 2 new Bentley models. Involved greeking a lot of set pieces, as well as creating custom road signs, other papers and flyers, and making sure everything looked perfect between several shoot locations.

3/16 – 3/16

Art Director – Similisan Eyedrops (The Burns Group)

Commercial/Ad — Zoomari Films Details
3/16 – 3/16

Coordinated props and furniture for several sets for international ad for Similisan eyedrops. Created a miniature of the Swiss Alps, and found a selection of flowers to create a life-like feel while keeping an eye for scale.

2/16 – 2/16

Art Director – LG PHONES

Commercial/Ad — 247 Laundry Service Details
2/16 – 2/16

Chose furniture and other props, and coordinated their delivery and load-in/load-out. Created some product-specific graphics, and mounted them. Created set for office, restaurant, delivery room, and procured some fun items for an electroshock therapy scene. Also enjoyed buying lots of prop phones that we got to break for the purposes of the shoot. A good time was had by all.

12/15 – 12/15

Art Director Love and Hip Hop 6

VH1 — Reality/Doc (TV) — Eastern TV Details
12/15 – 12/15

Love and Hip Hop Wedding Special. Coordinated delivery/setup/teardown of rentals. Integrated several features, including white astroturf, snow blankets, snow in seconds to create a seamless winter wonderland. Created sets for other "behind the scenes" areas, and finding creative ways to hide the entire production crew in an all white room.


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Class of '07

University Of Houston



  • art direction
  • Budgets
  • Coordination
  • Creating/Editing Content
  • fabricating small set pieces
  • graphic design
  • Hands-on Experience with Final Cut
  • Hands-on Experience with Pro Tools
  • Have Driver License
  • Managing Crew
  • painting
  • Proficient with Mac's and PC's
  • set decorating
  • Strong Understanding of Spanish