My Name is Juan Londono, proud Atlanta indie cinematographer, Operator and camera assistant; looking to move forward in the craft with bigger and better projects. Non union yet but in the future for sure.


10/17 – 10/17

Cinematographer Struggle

Film (Short) Details
10/17 – 10/17

Camera operator and lighting technician, I was in front of getting the visual aspects of this project together, doing lighting set ups, camera angles etc.

9/17 – 9/17

Second Assistant Camera – Midwest Food Bank (Malt Maker Media)

Commercial/Ad — Malt Maker Media Details
9/17 – 9/17

I worked assisting the first AC and the DP on task like changing lenses, setting up the dolly for the shoots, balancing the ronin, watching camera equipment when unattended. Getting in charge of the battery station and dumping footage at the end of the day.

7/17 – 7/17

Director of Photography Broken

Film (Short) — Chiken Green Productions Details
7/17 – 7/17

Working together with the director to set up the shots according to the shot list he created, I was also lighting the set, And operating the camera, mounting in the dolly and overseeing the cinematography according the director's choices. I was mounting the lenses in the camera.

6/17 – 7/17

Second Assistant Camera Mattie: The Discovery

Film (Theatrical) — Camy Arnett Production Studio Details
6/17 – 7/17

I was in charge of assisting the Director of Photography, and operator prepping the camera, doing marks for the talent, setting up and cribbing the dolly , changing and setting up the proper lenses, and at instances operating the camera.

5/17 – 5/17

Director of Photography (Red Raven 4.5 K) – Superior Lush (Independent Agency)

Commercial/Ad — Simple Shoot Atl. Details
5/17 – 5/17

I was translating the director's ideas for lighting the set. setting up the camera on the dolly, Using lots of diffusion and working with Arri lighting. Also setting up and shooting B ROLL for the editor. And operating along with the director.

5/17 – 5/17

Director of Photography (Sony FS5) The Dollar Bill Theory

Film (Short) Details
5/17 – 5/17

I was in charge of the camera most of the process. lighting the set at times using LED's utilizing the proper camera settings and filters when shooting outside in the sun moving and tracking shots on the dolly, Bringing new shot Ideas, I was also in charge of doing a shot list for this shoot. And adjusting camera angles and framing.

2/17 – 3/17

First Assistant Camera Modern Prodigal

Film (Theatrical) — Elfilm Productions & Bofum Pictures Details
2/17 – 3/17

I was in charge of logging the shots in the clapper board (Loader) making talent marks, and someties being a production assistant when needed.

2/17 – 2/17

Director of Photography (Panasonic GH5) Love in 500 Characters

TV Movie/Mini — 3 Green People Details
2/17 – 2/17

I was in charge of mounting the camera prepping it for the shoot, talking closely with the lighting tech about some lighting difficulties, operating the camera all times, setting up angles and framing.


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Harper Harris
Sound Mixer
Juan is a fantastic Director of Photography. On the set of the pilot we worked on together, Juan was communicative, organized, and always filling to find solutions for tricky shots and other obstacles. I'm looking forward to working with Juan again! ...MORE...


Class of '16

Georgia Film Academy

Film program
Class of '15

The art Institute of Atlanta

Major in Film and video.


  • Black Magic
  • Camera operator
  • cameraloader
  • Changing lenses
  • Cribing dollies
  • focus pulling
  • Lighting sets
  • prep camera
  • Red camera
  • second AC
  • set pa
  • Sony FS5