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10/18 – 2/19

Assistant Editor (Avid) Pun-Fortunate

Film (Short) Details
10/18 – 2/19

Worked directly with VFX house exporting and ingesting tapeless media into Avid for editors, used AfterEffects for creating textless media for delivery, created EDLs and AAFs for delivery, and assisted editor with sound design

4/18 – 8/18

Assistant Editor (Avid) No Signal (Pilot)

Online — Reality/Doc (TV) Details
4/18 – 8/18

Digitized C300 tape workflow in Avid, sync and grouped media, ScriptSync, logged media, outputs for captions and transcription, created AAF’s for final delivery

10/17 – 3/18

Assistant Editor (Avid) I Want Us to Talk Again (Pilot)

Streaming — Scripted (TV) Details
10/17 – 3/18

Ingested tapeless workflow, ScriptSync, sync and grouped multi-cam dailies, organized project per editor’s requests, outputs for final delivery

5/17 – 8/17

Assistant Editor (Avid) Koko

Music Video Details
5/17 – 8/17

Ingested tapeless media, sync and group multi-cam, manual ScriptSync lyrics to groups, exports for final delivery

11/16 – 3/17

Assistant Editor (Adobe Premiere Pro) Zombie Squirrels

Film (Short) Details
11/16 – 3/17

Ingesting tapeless media into Premiere for editors, used AfterEffects for creating textless media for delivery, exports, and assisted editor with sound design

5/16 – 9/16

Assistant Editor (Avid) FLOW

Film (Short) Details
5/16 – 9/16

Ingested tapeless media into Avid, archived media, setting up project per editor’s request, exports for final delivery


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California State University, Los Angeles


  • AVID Media Composer
  • Microsoft Office
  • Pro Tools
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Google Drive
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Grouping
  • outputs
  • Project Organization
  • Script Syncing
  • Final Delivery
  • DAX/Vimeo Uploads
  • Digitizing Tape Workflow
  • Ingesting Tapeless Media
  • Syncing Multi-Cams