Jonny Kapps is an award winning film maker based in New York. Motivated chiefly from a restless curiosity and an inquisitive drive, his stories aim to bring the human condition into a cinema space. Check out his website and Instagram to learn more.


5/14 – 5/19

Director of Photography (DP) (Alexa Mini / FS7) Varios

YouTube — Digital — VICE Media Details
5/14 – 5/19

Preproduction, production and all the responsibilities required to head out on a documentary shoot

3/15 – 4/15

Camera Operator (Red Dragon) Wheeler

Theatrical Release — Film (Feature-length) — Momentum Production Details
3/15 – 4/15

B cam operator

Self ID

I identify with the following groups:

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Gender: Man


  • Wheeler Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Stephen Dorff Movie


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Class of '05

Seton Hall

Bachelor Degree

My Gear

  • Sennheiser wireless Lav
  • LED Lighting
  • ARRI Alexa Mini
  • Arri Fresnel Lighting Kit
  • Leica R lens