Hard working, driven and well rounded film professional with experience in producing, casting and several other areas of production. Graduate of LA Film School and trained in many different film software and equipment. Easily adapt to any environment and a fast learner.


1/15 – 9/15

Talent Manager (Rex Talent Management)

Staff Position — Rex Talent Management Details
1/15 – 9/15

• Submitted, pitched and scouted for professional actors. • Handled high call volumes and emails • Networked & communicated with casting directors, producers and studios. Assisted in managing a clientele of actors for film and television. Worked with both existing established talent and scouted potential new clients. Assisted actors in finding proper headshot photographers and developed a marketing plan that will allow them to book professional jobs. Provided coaching on high level auditions and advised in future prospects. Developed clientele that went on to book such productions as 13 Hours, General Hospital, Jane the Virgin, Madden NFL TV Spot, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Pure Genius and many more. Handled high call volumes and emails with actors and casting offices. I dealt with breakdown services and other talent submission software. I also managed and developed new relationships with several production companies, networks, casting offices and producers.

9/10 – 5/15

Producer (Bash Films) Walk On

Film (Feature-length) — Bash Films Details
9/10 – 5/15

• Oversaw the production of “Walk On” a documentary on HIV/AIDS & Disabilities. • Raised funds for organizations and the production of the film. • Facilitated and researched special interest groups and people for the film. Produced a feature documentary film on Disability and HIV/AIDS awareness. The documentary followed several people including myself. I was born HIV positive, which caused my disability, and I was told I wouldn’t live past four years old. The film follows my attempt at 6.2 miles in the Los Angeles AIDS Walk. Over the course of 5 years the film went on to 22 film festivals and won two Best Documentary awards from Burbank International Film Festival and Timecode: NOLA. It is currently being sold via educational distribution. It now resides in libraries at Berkeley, Washington State, Virginia Tech and several others. Throughout the process of this film I had to facilitate interviews with special interest groups, develop connections to funding organizations and manage social media outlets to find the film it’s home. On behalf of the film I speak out at colleges, high schools and other functions.

12/12 – 2/14

Casting Director

Staff Position — The Los Angeles Film School Details
12/12 – 2/14

• Scheduled and oversaw the auditioning of actors for student classes, workshops and thesis productions. • Developed relationships with acting classes outside of the school. • Maintained and instructed classes on casting. Developed a new curriculum. Managed the hiring of actors for student classes, productions and teacher workshops. Created a brand new curriculum for Los Angeles Film School in which students learned how to properly audition and work with actors. Supervised 5 classes at different stages of the film production process. I stood as the liaison between LA Film School and local acting schools based in Los Angeles. Provided an archive of actor’s headshots / resumes for student productions as well as walked them through the online casting process: posting breakdowns, selecting actors and scheduling auditions. I would work with students to properly breakdown characters from scripts and understand the importance of diversity within film. Provided courses in audition technique from director’s perspective and understanding the importance of adjustments for actors.

8/09 – 1/12

Casting Director

Staff Position — Kibler Casting Details
8/09 – 1/12

• Auditioned actors for film, TV, music videos, web and commercial formats. • Worked alongside producers, directors and production companies to provide quality talent. • Created an equal opportunity environment for all actors. Oversee the hiring of actors for film, TV, web and commercial formats. Created an equal opportunity environment for all actors. Cast films for filmmakers such as Dean Cundey (Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) and Tony Adler (American Beauty, Cowboys vs Aliens). Was hired by production companies, directors and producers to handle the entire casting process from character breakdowns to negotiating pay.

6/11 – 9/11


Staff Position — SAG-AFTRA Details
6/11 – 9/11

• Organized events that highlight diverse talent. • Provided outreach for SAG Diversity. • Assisted in clerical and administrative assistant work. Assist supervisors in promoting awareness of diverse actors including ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability and age. Along with general clerical work I assisted in putting together events that allowed unrepresented actors a chance to show their talents. Provided outreach for SAG Diversity to the film industry in letting them know how to cast a wider variety of actors in order to create a more accurate depiction of the American cinema landscape. Take minutes during weekly office meetings and find ways to put concerns into positive actions.


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Class of '12

The Los Angeles Film School

Associates of Science, Film


  • Final Draft
  • Final Cut
  • Movie Magic Budgeting
  • Breakdown Services
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Eco Cast