Joshua, a Director, based in Los Angeles, has 1 Director credit and 1 Cinematographer credit, and has been a member since 2015.


1/15 – 1/15

Director (Canon 5D) – The Build Shop

Commercial/Ad — Work and Play Productions Details
1/15 – 1/15

Director for The Build Shop commercial. Commercial had to capture the entire process of 3D modeling
 and printing within a fifteen second video. 

4/14 – 5/14

Cinematographer Not A Love Song

Frankie Catalano — Music Video — Work and Play Productions Details
4/14 – 5/14

Cinematographer for the music video “Not a Love Song” by pop artist Frankie Catalano. Music video
 was shot on anamorphic lenses on a sound stage using an entirely constructed set.

10/12 – 10/13

Camera Operator (Red One) Get Ratchet

Mann — Music Video — Outlier Entertainment Details
10/12 – 10/13

Camera operator for various music videos including “Get Ratchet” and “9 Times Out of 10” by 
 rapper Mann. Worked with a wide range of cameras including RED Scarlett, RED Epic, 
 RED One, Arri Alexa, Cannon 5D, and Cannon T2i. 

5/13 – 7/13

Camera Operator (Red One) Hollow Tags

Film (Theatrical) — Picture-Wise Pictures Details
5/13 – 7/13

Camera operator for the feature film Hollow Tags. Film was shot mostly handicam.

5/12 – 7/13

Editor Edited interviews with various rappers and producers. Interviews would mostly be to promote the

Talk Show (TV) — Outlier Entertainment Details
5/12 – 7/13

Edited interviews with various rappers and producers. Interviews would mostly be to promote the 
award-winning record label Beluga Heights Records.

1/12 – 1/13

Editor (Avid) Just Seen It 2

PBS — Talk Show (TV) — Hermosa Entertainment Details
1/12 – 1/13

Edited episodes of the PBS show Just Seen It. Episodes would be edited in Final Cut Pro using the
multi-cam editor. Episodes would have to be edited and sound designed within a week.

1/10 – 1/11

Intern Development for numerous projects

Film (Theatrical) — Hermosa Entertainment Details
1/10 – 1/11

Frequently worked in development providing notes and feedback on a variety of prospective projects, both scripted
and non-scripted. Projects include The Thing, and Dream House.


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Class of '11

University of Southern California


My Gear

  • 5K Lights
  • Canon 5D


  • A team player and solid independent worker
  • Avid
  • Final Cut Studio
  • Final Draft
  • Organized and neat
  • PC/MAC Proficient
  • Photoshop
  • Professional phone demeanor and outstanding interpersonal and
  • Tons of experience working as a crew member on film shoots