I'm an experienced Writer/Low-budget Producer/Travel Coordinator who has worked primarily in Kids Entertainment for the last 6 years with 7 undergraduate internships through WB, FX, and Comedy Central.


11/15 – Current

Writer Hasbro - Various 1

Animated (TV) — Hasbro Studios Details
11/15 – Current

Freelance writer for several projects within Hasbro Studios. Staff writer on first season of animated series yet to air, contributing writer on several other projects within company.

6/16 – 7/16

Writer Untitled Game Show 1

NICK/NOGGIN — Game Show (TV) Details
6/16 – 7/16

Contributing writer for Nickelodeon kids game show that combined athletic challenges matched with sketch comedy and desk pieces.

10/15 – 2/16

Writer I Ship It 1

The CW Seed — Internet — New Form Digital Details
10/15 – 2/16

Writer for S1 of "I Ship it". Worked under director Yulin Kuang along with several other writers to pitch, script, and punch-up.

8/15 – 12/15

Writer Mutt & Stuff 1

NICK/NOGGIN — Animated (TV) — Sid & Marty Krofft Picture Corp Details
8/15 – 12/15

Writer for S1 of Mutt&Stuff. Worked in a writer's room, pitched, punched up, scripted.

1/15 – 6/15


DISNEY — Animated (TV) — Disney TV Animation Details
1/15 – 6/15

Freelance writer to, "FUTURE WORM!" Season 1. .

4/14 – 2/15

Writer Awesomeness Tv Youtube

YOUTUBE — Internet — Dreamworks Details
4/14 – 2/15

Contributing writer to Awesomeness TV's YouTube platform. Pitched sketches to various ATV execs, expanded into outline on various ideas. Scripted several live action as well as animated ideas (for their specifically DreamWorks-based channel).

9/14 – 9/14

Producer (Writer) Cool/Channel 101 Pilot

Channel 101 — Internet — Channel 101 Details
9/14 – 9/14

Wrote, directed, produced and starred in "Cool" a pilot based around an aspiring corn hole champion player who faces adversity for being the first female in the competition. Done in the style of the movie, "R.A.D."

6/14 – 7/14

Writer (BBC America/Mashable) Almost Royal YouTube Campaign

YOUTUBE — Internet — Burning Bright Productions Details
6/14 – 7/14

Wrote scripted suggestions for 2 hosts to utilize in a variety of segments featuring themselves against popular YouTube stars. Worked alongside Director Jack Ferrey and was his number 2 through out the creative process. Collaborated with the "Almost Royal" key writers from BBC.


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Class of '10

Chapman University

Bachelor Degree in Film Studies


  • 826LA
  • Chapman University
  • East Valley Family YMCA
  • Los Angeles County High School for the Arts


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Mac iLife Products
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Rolling calls
  • Travel Memos