Karima, an Assistant Production Coordinator, based in Los Angeles, has 1 Assistant Production Coordinator credit and 1 Production Assistant credit, and has been a member since 2013.


2/12 – 4/13

Assistant Production Coordinator Jean-Pierre Mocky features

Film (Theatrical) — Mocky Delicious Products, Paris, France Details
2/12 – 4/13

Work closely with the director Jean-Pierre Mocky and production team in all stages of production process (from pre-production to post-production and transmission). Liaise with writers, artists' agents, co-coordinating and communicating production resources. Check copyright and permission issues. Ensure royalties are paid for additional images, music or footage used.

7/06 – 6/07

Production Assistant Cedric Klapish

Film (Theatrical) — Ce Qui Me Meut Motion Pictures, Paris, France Details
7/06 – 6/07

General office & production coordination, working closely with Producer/Director Cedric Klapisch. Assisted in managing the production and the post-production of the movies. . In charge of the release of “Russian Headstocks” movie in the United States. In charge of the registration to the short films Festivals in France and International.


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