I am in love with what I do. And there is no place to far for me to work. I am looking to get into the Union bt as of now I am non Union . I also site rep and I have been lucky enuff to work on shows like sons of anarchy , entourage, newsroom, and more


1/16 – 3/16

Location Assistant Twin Peaks

Showtime — TV Movie/Mini — Rancho Rosa Details
1/16 – 3/16

I was brought on to be a neighborhood liaison due to the fact we where shooting in 2 neighborhoods that had every house occupied. I reached out to over 50 homes and made sure they where comfortable with us there and that they where happy when we left. One home owner who was the most difficult was so impressed with us that he called the mayors office to tell how great we where. I also helped scout locations for this and I helped design maps and help with the budget.

6/14 – 12/15

Personal Assistant (Personal assistant ) Bunker studios

Corporate — PromoWest Productions Details
6/14 – 12/15

IAdvertising & Marketing, Booking Film & Commercial , Clientele Development Film Crew Support, managed calander and responsibilities for owner, shopping, and other errands

10/14 – 11/14

Location Assistant Sons Of Anarchy

FX — Scripted (TV) — Pacific 2.1 Entertainment Details
10/14 – 11/14

I helped the location manager with the local vendors and worked with construction to prep and break down

3/13 – 7/13

Location Assistant The Newsroom

CBC — Scripted (TV) — ABC Productions Details
3/13 – 7/13

I assited the location manager in prepping sites and closing sites. I worked with hkme owners and buisness owners to create a harmonious environment, I helped scout locations and made sure all needs at locations where met

3/01 – 5/01

Assistant Production Coordinator (Assistant Production cordinator) Mudvayne Tour

Live Event — PromoWest Productions Details
3/01 – 5/01

I advanced venues , handled security briefings , checked over hospitality list , set up meet and greats , managed press and media , accounting , paid out weekly let dien, and over saw bands daily needs and schedule as we as the tours.


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My Gear

  • cannon 7d
  • Nikon D200


  • ability to learn quickly & work well under pressure
  • Extensive working experience in studio
  • In depth knowledge of digital photography