Lauren, a Still Photographer, based in Metuchen, has 3 Still Photographer credits and 1 News Photographer credit, and has been a member since 2024.


12/20 – Current

Still Photographer (Product Photography) Franco Mfg

Online — Digital Details
12/20 – Current

• Photograph a diverse range of textile products, ensuring high-quality visual representation for marketing and promotional materials. • Collaborate with cross-functional team members to brainstorm and execute creative concepts for various commercial projects, contributing to the innovative and inspiring image of the brand. • Managed end-to-end photoshoot logistics, including location scouting, equipment setup, and coordination with subjects/models, ensuring smooth and efficient execution of each project. • Conducted preliminary research to gather inspiration and ideas for upcoming photoshoots, staying informed about current trends, fabrication techniques, and new sources of inspiration to enhance the brand's visual identity. • Provided expertise in lifestyle, interior, marketing, and social media photography, tailoring each photoshoot to align with the specific needs and goals of the brand. • Served as the primary photographer for the Disney X POPSUGAR product collaboration, capturing captivating images that showcased the unique features of the products, contributing to the success of the collaboration. • Collaborated closely with the marketing team to ensure that the photography aligns with the brand's messaging and resonates with the target audience. • Demonstrated adaptability and creativity in adapting to the evolving business landscape, contributing to Franco Manufacturing's competitiveness in the industry. • Played a key role in bringing the brand to life in homes everywhere through visually appealing and marketable product imagery. • Contributed to maintaining the company's legacy of product innovation, quality, and service through visually compelling and competitive photography.

1/18 – Current

News Photographer (Event photographer) Metuchen Downtown Alliance

Online — Live/Special Event Details
1/18 – Current

Capture compelling and visually appealing photographs of various events organized by the Metuchen Downtown Alliance. • Collaborated with event organizers and stakeholders to understand the key moments and highlights to be captured during each event. • Showcased the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of Metuchen's historic downtown through photography, reflecting the organization's vision of a welcoming community space. • Documented engaging public art installations, entertainment performances, and recreational activities that contribute to the lively character of the downtown area. • Worked closely with residents, visitors, and local businesses to capture candid moments and interactions, emphasizing the sense of community fostered by the Alliance. • Highlighted the unique features of independent businesses and restaurants in Metuchen, showcasing their personalized customer service and contributing to the promotion of the local economy. • Produced high-quality images for promotional materials, social media, and other platforms to enhance the visibility and appeal of the Metuchen Downtown Alliance's events. • Demonstrated creativity in framing and composition to convey the energy and spirit of each event, contributing to the overall marketing and branding efforts of the organization. • Maintained a professional and collaborative approach, ensuring that the photography captured aligned with the Alliance's goals and objectives for downtown revitalization. • Contributed to the creation of a visual narrative that communicates the Alliance's commitment to the management and revitalization of the Metuchen business district

1/24 – 1/24

Still Photographer Middleway Marketing

InMode — Advertising Details
1/24 – 1/24

Operate b-cam during interviews, take stills of product in use

4/20 – 4/20

Still Photographer (Freelance) The Ad Council

Advertising Details
4/20 – 4/20

AD COUNCIL Essential Workers Campaign • Editorial images were selected by the Ad Council for use in their Essential Workers campaign during the beginning weeks of the pandemic. • These images were shown in Times Square and on national television.

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Class of '08

New York University

Master of Arts


  • Photography
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Lighting
  • Adobe Lightroom