A hard-working and detail-oriented team player, looking to create empowering media with a visionary team. Interested in pushing creative and technical boundaries as well as supporting climate justice and social justice. Also happy to travel.


8/21 – 8/21

First Assistant Camera (Sony FX6) All This For What

Film (Short) Details
8/21 – 8/21

Pulled focus on the full frame Sony FX6 with Angenieux EZ-1 45-135mm / T3, and the 22-60mm. Helped dismount the camera from EZ rig, re-rigging for true handheld, and again for car-mounting, dana-dolly, and tripod. Also re-rigged the Preston Microforce Zoom Controller for tripod use. Also helped manage media, managed power and monitors.

8/21 – 8/21

First Assistant Camera (B Cam Operator Canon C70, A Cam Canon C300Mii) Take Good Care

Film (Feature-length) — Ali Gray Pictures Details
8/21 – 8/21

Worked as camera assistant for DP Shana Hagan, assisting with a Canon C300 Mii, and doing some B cam shooting interviews and B-roll on a Canon C70 with Canon Cine Prime glass. Media managed, helped with lens swaps, monitoring, power.

7/21 – 8/21

Camera Utility (Sony Venice 2x) Dollface (Season 2)

Hulu — TV — ABC Signature Studios Details
7/21 – 8/21

Worked as Camera Utility assisting the Union camera team with moves, running media, covering 2nd AC's when needed, setting up and managing Executive Producer monitoring as well as Director and Director of Photography monitoring with remote Iris control on Preston single channel hand units for the two Sony Venice cameras. Worked to ensure power was always available for cameras and dolly's, hand units, monitors.

7/21 – 7/21

First Assistant Camera (Arri Alexa Mini) Creators League Studio "Made for Football Watching"

Pepsi — Advertising — Sawhorse Productions Details
7/21 – 7/21

Prepped and built camera package, rigging the Alexa Mini on an L bracket for a quick maneuver to a 9x16 vertical frame, and back to a 16x9 landscape orientation on a Mitchel head tripod. In prep set camera, imported custom LUT. Pulled focus, ensured detailed camera notes were taken by my 2nd AC on camera settings for the green screen VFX shoot, worked with producing team to ensure a video feed was being sent out to agency on a Zoom call.

6/21 – 6/21

Second Assistant Camera (Arri Alexa Mini LF 2x) Glass & Marker

NerdWallet — Advertising — Glass & Marker, Inc. Details
6/21 – 6/21

Worked as 2nd AC, supporting 2 Alexa Mini LF's, Leica R lenses, Teleprompter, Dana-dolly, slating, camera moves, media managing with Hedge, breaking down cameras.

6/21 – 6/21

Assistant Camera (AC) (Blackmagic Pocket 6K) Women's US Open, Golf

Cisco — Advertising — Octagon Details
6/21 – 6/21

Assisted camera operator and photographer, Noah Sheldon in capturing stills and motion at the Women's US Open in San Francisco's Olympic Golf Course. Assisted with gear transport, power, media cards, lens changes, shooting some video while Noah grabbed stills.

6/21 – 6/21

Second Assistant Camera (Arri Alexa MIni) "Be the Noise"

Golden State Warriors — Advertising — Kaiser Permanente Details
6/21 – 6/21

Worked as 2nd Assistant, slating, lens changes, camera moves, Zeiss Master Primes, Teredeks, EZ-rig, overnight shoot.

5/21 – 5/21

Second Assistant Camera (RED Gemini) "Complexity Jerk"

Splunk — Advertising — Brightsource Productions LLC Details
5/21 – 5/21

2 RED Geminis (Ranger). Worked as 2nd AC, slating, camera moves, lens changes, building B Cam, client monitor, Teredeks director's monitor. Assisted with Rickshaw rig camera placement.



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University of California, Santa Cruz

BA/ Film & Digital Media, Fine Art - Cum Laude

My Gear

  • Wireless Follow Focus
  • gold Mount batteries
  • Sony Fx9
  • quad charger
  • Sony G Master 24-70mm Lens
  • Teradek Wireless Video Transmitter
  • DZO 35-80 mm Lens


  • French
  • Film Production
  • Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Camera Operator
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • 1st AC
  • 2nd AC
  • focus pulling