Hi! I'm a Sound Mixer/Boom Op available worldwide for Narrative, Reality, ENG & Corporate projects. Sound is 100% all I do, and I'm committed to delivering the very best tracks with a great attitude and a focus on setting post-production up for success!


2/20 – 2/20

Sound Mixer – Metropolis Media Group

Digital — Commercial/Ad — Metropolis Media Group Details
2/20 – 2/20

Location Sound Recordist for Lyft/ AB-5 Ad

2/20 – 2/20

Sound Recordist 7- Eleven Experience

Digital — Corporate — Magic Bullet Media Details
2/20 – 2/20

Location Sound Recordist for daily Sizzle Reels, CEO Monologs for distribution to franchisees, and Trade Show ENG Floor Coverage.

1/20 – 2/20

Sound Mixer Table Talk

Digital — Film (Short) — Location Sound Sam Details
1/20 – 2/20

On-Set Production Sound Mixer for the short film "Table Talk"

12/19 – 2/20

Sound Mixer Station 3 Stories- Oxnard, CA Police Department

Digital — Digital — Oxnard Police Department Details
12/19 – 2/20

On-Set Sound Mixer for 2 Person Interview Segments.

6/18 – 2/20

Sound Mixer A Thing In A Place With People

Live/Special Event — ShovelKitty Media Details
6/18 – 2/20

FOH Sound Engineer for a series of 20 Variety Shows performed before a Live Studio Audience! Stand-up, Improv, Live Bands, Singing to Tracks, etc.

12/19 – 1/20

Sound Mixer Ten Essentials

Digital — Film (Short) — SparkleBear, Inc Details
12/19 – 1/20

Location Sound Mixer on a very windy outdoor set in the middle of the Joshua Tree National Park. I employed BubbleBee Industries wind protection in the lavs, and the result turned out great!

12/19 – 12/19

Sound Mixer A Not So Silent Night

Film (Short) — OurTodd Productions Details
12/19 – 12/19

This was a cute Christmas Eve Tale of a robbery gone wrong. 6 lavs and a boom mixed along with a lot of on-site foley wild tracks. To be released Holiday 2020!

10/19 – 11/19

Sound Mixer Right/Left/Us

Film (Feature-length) — Manjeet Singh Details
10/19 – 11/19

Production Sound Mixer and Boom Operator on the 112-page feature. I used a Sound Devices MixPre10-II for 32-Bit Tracks and 6x Lectorsonics Wires along with the MKH-50 and MKH-416 on a boom. Lots of outdoor LA scenes, and so frequency coordinating was an essential skill!


  • Faultlines - "RAIN" I NPR Tiny Desk Contest Entry 2018


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Class of '03

Palomar College

Digital Broadcast Arts

My Gear

  • Sennheiser MKH-416
  • Sennheiser MKh-50
  • Lectrosonics UCR411a
  • Sanken COS-11D
  • Tentacle Sync E
  • Zoom F8N Field Recorder
  • SoundDevices 633 Field Recorder
  • Lectrosonics SR-C
  • Lectrosonics HM400a Transmitters
  • Lectrosonics IFB/ Camera Hops System
  • DPA 6060 Lavs
  • Denecke TS-3 SmartSlate
  • K-Tek Avalon 16' Carbon Fiber Boom Pole
  • Lectrosonics R1a IFB System (x9)
  • Orca OR-30 Bag and Harness
  • AudioRoot 95W Battery Distribution System


  • Sound Mixer
  • Boom Operator
  • Sound Recordist
  • Sound Utility
  • RF Frequency Coordination
  • Lavaliere Concealment
  • Outdoor Wind Noise Reduction
  • Follow Car Sound Recording