I am a multifaceted creative with a passion for bold storytelling. I came of age in the pacific northwest during the social media and 5D revolutions. Because of this, I have a deep understanding of how you can show up in our modern media landscape. I am excited to be a part of your team.


10/20 – 10/20

Director of Photography (DP) (C300 Mrk II) TEDx PDX (TV Special)

KGW8 (NBC affiliate) — TV — 503 Media/TEDx PDX Details
10/20 – 10/20

For this job, my responsibility was to plan and coordinate the technical aspects of the lighting and camera departments. We shot a 30 minute TEDx episode featuring local professionals making a difference in the community. We shot 3 TED Talks, site down interview, an introduction, and a bookend. We shot with 3 cameras on top of a scenic roof in downtown east Portland Oregon. Because we were shooting on location throughout the day I had to create a lighting plan that would keep a consistent look throughout the day. This was a fun challenge to plan for!

6/15 – 3/20

Director of Photography (DP) (C300 Mrk II)

Staff Position — Henry-V Details
6/15 – 3/20

I ran our camera department and acted as the department lead onsite. My duties also included previs for interviews and commercial shoots. I am skilled at lighting interviews and group discussions. But I am also skilled at shooting in natural lighting situations. The majority of the work I did was a corporate documentary and digital sales meetings. While we owned C300 Mrk II's, I also shot on Alexa minis, Red Geminis, and DSLRs regularly.

1/07 – 3/15

Camera Operator

Staff Position — Picture This Production Services Details
1/07 – 3/15

I started as an intern and eventually became a shop tech. I learned how to use and care for broadcast cameras. I was also mentored by grips, gaffers, and DoP's while I worked at PixThis. I would regularly go out as a camera operator and shoot corporate live events and in-studio media.


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