Michael Potter is an award winning wildlife Cinematographer, Producer. With his intensive survival training it has led him to film in some of the most remote places in the world. He has shot for companies such as National Geographic, CNN, and TIME.'


4/22 – 4/22

Drone Operator (Inspire 2, X7) Handle With Care

ITV — Film (Feature-length) — Triforce productions Details
4/22 – 4/22

Pilot in Command- collaborated with Director and DP to come up with shots. Had to fly with precision as I flew in close proximity to the talent. Did various tracking shots of the talent in a vehicle in Hollywood. Shots various Broll on my own around Hollywood Hills.

3/22 – 3/22

Drone Operator (Inspire 2, X7) James Turrell, Sky Spaces

Film (Feature-length) — The Grey Eyed Godess Details
3/22 – 3/22

I was the pilot in command- Scouted and prepped sectional charts. Collaborated with Director and DP to make abstract drone shots of a unique architecture and light piece. Involved flying after sunset and in deep woods. Very low to ground shots and skimming tree shots.

2/22 – 3/22

Aerial Cinematographer (Inspire 2, X7) No Days Off (Season 1)

Outside — TV — Female Focused Adventures Details
2/22 – 3/22

I was the DP and Drone operator. Getting boat tracking shots, high up island shots and most importantly on filming Sasha Digiulian and Brette Harrington on the wall climbing.

2/22 – 3/22

Director of Photography (DP) (Sony FX6) No Days Off (Season 1)

Outside — TV — Female Focused Adventures Details
2/22 – 3/22

I was the DP for the rock climbing series with Sasha Digiulian. We shot on a remote island in french Polynesia. Involved shooting up on 250foot rock walls- jumaring and filming. Also involved verite of Sasha and her co-star Brette Harrington interacting and having meals and adventuring. I shot drone as well.

1/22 – 2/22

Camera Operator (Sony F5) Trafficked (Season 3)

National Geographic — TV — Muck Media Details
1/22 – 2/22

This show does mostly handheld verite for host talking to subjects so a lot of cross coverage and car filming. Also various broll on sticks and ronin/car mount.

1/22 – 2/22

Assistant Camera (AC) (Sony F5) Trafficked (Season 3)

National Geographic — TV — Muck Media Details
1/22 – 2/22

AC for black market travel show. Involved prepping 23 cases of equipment, organizing and building in the field, handling Carnet documents, and all AC duties while shooting- swapping lenses, cleaning gear, etc. I also was running Sound during the scenes with a 633 mixer.

12/21 – 12/21

Director of Photography (DP) (Sony FX6) No Days Off (Season 1)

Outside — TV — Whistle Sports Details
12/21 – 12/21

I was the DP to shoot an episode of No Days Off with pro rock-climber Sasha Digillian. We shot in Dominican Republic. Involved shooting doc style from the shoulder for talking scenes then shooting beauty shots to establish the country via drones and timelapses, etc. I filmed on the wall with Sasha climbing and also droned her climbing.

6/21 – 12/21

Drone Operator (Inspire 2) Unsolved Mysteries (Season 2)

Netflix — TV — Inexplicable Pictures Details
6/21 – 12/21

I was the drone operator for season 2 of Unsolved Mysteries. It involved scouting air spaces ahead of time, get necessary permission with the FAA, communicating with the director, EP and DP on their creative vision. The shooting style covers everything from the directors giving me a shot list and myself and a PA going out on our own to get all necessary shots/coverage of locations, to also shooting on set with the crew and actors doing coordinated timed multi-axis moves (tracking cars, people, etc).


  • PADI
  • FAA Part 107
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • FAA Part 107 - Night Waiver
  • BOSS Survival School
  • Tom Brown Tracker School
  • Karamat School of Survival


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Class of '14

Savannah College of Art and Design

BFA in Film

My Gear

  • GoPro
  • Rode Shotgun Microphone
  • Kessler Stealth Slider
  • DJI Inspire 2
  • Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Slider
  • Zenmuse X5R
  • Canon 16-35mm Lens
  • Arri 3- 650watt kit
  • Cannon 5D MKIII
  • Cannon L-series 50 f/1.2
  • Cannon L-series 70-200 f/2.8
  • Dracast S1000 Bi Color LED Panel
  • Feather Crane PLus
  • Miller Solo Tripod
  • quasar Science 2'4bank Bi color LEd
  • Wired Lav kit


  • Interviews
  • Aerial Cinematography
  • SCUBA certified
  • Cinematic Lighting
  • Timelapse photography
  • BOSS Survival School
  • High Speed Filming
  • nature cinematography
  • Part 107 Drone Certified
  • remote filming
  • Run N' Gun shooting
  • TOM Brown Tracker School
  • Underwater Cinemtaogrpahy
  • WFR Certified