Ive been involved with audio production for the past 15 years. The past six years I have focused primarily on sound mixing for video. I also have experience in sound design and audio post production.


10/13 – 10/13

Sound mixer Golf

Corporate — Independent Details
10/13 – 10/13

It was one of those jobs where I was called the night before to sound mix for a one day shoot. I didn't know anything about what the project was. It took place on a golf course and one of the guys was a PGA golfer. I dont follow sports. I dont know who it was. The other guy was the owner of a golf apparel company. It was the kind of video where the expert was showing how to do certain tasks while wearing certain apparel. . The golf course was quiet which any sound guy on location will tell you is rare. I ran a lav on each and a boom for both. I also recorded wild sound of the the golf strokes.

9/13 – 10/13

Sound mixer/ Boom operator/ the adventures of Paula Peril The Adventures of Paula Peril

Film (Theatrical) — Exit Left Media & Atlantis Studios Details
9/13 – 10/13

Production sound mixer. Responsible for all sound recorded on location for the project. I recorded wild sound of a fight sequence for the purpose of audio post. In addition to all of the production sound I recorded the main characters foot steps and movements via wild sound for post purposes

8/13 – 8/13

Recording for Century Firearms Century arms

Internet — Exit Left media Details
8/13 – 8/13

Sound recordist for various firearms. Setting up various microphones to record different caliber guns fire. Recording gun sounds such as the bolt action,magazine release, magazine lock, handling noise etc. Initially the gunman was going to have monologue explaining each weapon but the producer decided to go with a vo artist instead.

7/13 – 7/13

Sound Editor ( Georgia Florida line concert) Carl Black promo video

Live / Special Event (TV) — Independent Details
7/13 – 7/13

Re-syncing the the audio to the video of the Georgia Florida line performance. There was not time code correlation between the cam op and the f.o.h. recorded in 44.1khz resulting in audio sync drift. The edit method I used resulted in a proper syncing of the audio and video. This performance was never released because of money. I have the session and proof to show my work.

7/13 – 7/13

Sound Mixer (boom operator/ audio post) – heating and air

Commercial/Ad — wicked marketing/ central heating and air Details
7/13 – 7/13

Sound mixer for production audio and dialogue editing for the commercial

3/13 – 3/13

Sound Mixer (Pilot pitch) Among Brothers

HBO — Scripted (TV) Details
3/13 – 3/13

Sound MIxer. This was a disaster of a shoot. The director was a moron extortionist and I saved a red camera from falling. Not something I care to embellish. I did learn a few things about the industry with this shoot. I do not want to mention names but it was one show pitch to HBO among 20+ other show pitches. We did not get picked up.

2/13 – 2/13

Sound Supervisor (sound mixer) Stuck

Internet Details
2/13 – 2/13

Sound mixer for a internet Pilot. The pilot was aimed at go pro cameras to show them you could shoot scripted material with a go pro. I had two additional colleagues work on the sound as a boom op and utility. For whatever reason My imdb states location sound supervisor. My real role was sound mixer.

10/12 – 12/12

Sound Mixer FPS Russia

youtube. — Internet Details
10/12 – 12/12

Recording FPS Russia videos for "Hitman", "Farcry3" and "FPS almost Dies". This was challenging because I had to mix between monologue, gunshots and explosions. The last video called "FPS almost dies" The explosion ruined the mixer I was using at the time. SPL is a hell of a thing and this project was a challenge because of the huge difference between voice and explosion. below are the links


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Class of '13

Art Institute of Atlanta

bachelor of Arts

My Gear

  • akg perception 170
  • akg perception 420
  • at 2020
  • at-u851
  • blue mic ball
  • c stand
  • countrymen b3
  • crown pcc160
  • dead cat wind (resistor)
  • i mac
  • imac laptop
  • iomega hardrive
  • izotope rx5
  • k-Tek Boom pole
  • korg krome
  • ktek shotgun mic holder
  • lemo
  • logic
  • pelican case
  • Pistol grip
  • protools
  • rode ntg2
  • rode ntg8
  • rycote invision 7
  • sandbags
  • sanken cos 11
  • sanken cs2
  • sennheiser e609
  • sennheiser g3 cube
  • sennheiser g3s
  • sennheiser mke2
  • sony mdr 7506
  • sound device 688
  • sound device bag
  • tascam dr-70d
  • tc
  • tentacle sync
  • vintage shure sm55
  • waves
  • Wireless recivers
  • Wireless transmitters
  • xlr(s)
  • zeppelin
  • zoom h1
  • zoom h6
  • zoom r24


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