Since PA’s are easy to hire but often quit after the first day because they think that fetching coffee is beneath them, or my favourite…coming to work as a PA in flip-flops; I have no such illusions of grandeur. I work well in a field of organised chaos!


1/05 – 4/05

Production Assistant (Lead, night)

Staff Position — Bunim-Murray Productions, iCandy Productions, Details
1/05 – 4/05

PA on various reality shows; local PA's quit after a few days so I stepped in to help, & became full time for the 3 month shoot, doing everything, anytime, for everyone; basically one is everyone else's...on call "helper", from picking up the crew before a shift, being ready at all times to do whatever's needed..menial stuff that's necessary but not necessarily glamorous: retrieving forgotten items, laissing w/the office, assisting camera crew, producers, executive producers etc, making sure walkie and batteries are all charged all the time, responsible for the vehicle fleet: gassing them up, designating drivers, filling in on set, dealing w/the cast; taking them to the ER, when necessary (;-)), micing them up, attending to guests, basic clerical work when needed, making sure call sheets are correct & all crew have seen it, assisting the Logger, organizing the PA staff, assisting w/set decor & set fixes when necessary (I'm unstoppable w/a staple gun); checking remote cameras, cleanup from off-site shoots: basically first in, last out w/ a fantastic attitude & a consistent enthusiasm I can sincerely say I was appreciated by the entire crew. Done raising kid and ready to get back to work. Casting Associate for Road Rules’s “Semester at Sea”, cast member “Road Rules 6”, “The Inferno”; “Challenge 2000” etc etc.

9/98 – 4/05

Production Assistant ( from weeks to months as necessary for a particular project.)

Staff Position — Bunim-Murray Productions, iCandy Productions Details
9/98 – 4/05

As a PA; please see box above. I’m good at it; no direction too small, no hour too early! My dates above are ballpark, and of course, in this line of work, they may be weeks or days between projects; I did not work 9-5 (ever!) in any given year.


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Class of '96

Loughborough University

English Literature & the History of Art and Design

My Gear

  • As a PA: 2 of everything
  • Comfortable shoes


  • Calligraphy
  • I'm a PA: anything you need as early as you need it:
  • Whenever you need it for as long as you need it