I am the Asset Manager at Big Picture Entertainment, a trailer house in Culver City, CA. My primary duties include monitoring the digital and physical assets that come in and out of the company for our clients. This includes all WIP, testing, and final sp


6/18 – Current

Vault Manager – Big Picture Entertainment

6/18 – Current

Managing all assets digital and physical that come in and out of Big Picture for our clients and securing all physical assets in our vault. This includes sending all versions of spot cuts to clients, ingesting new features and episodes for projects, and being the first and last person to handle any incoming and outgoing hard drives. Transcoding and ingesting new features, episodes, dailies, reference videos, graphics, music, and ADR into Avid Projects for Editors to use. Backing up all finished projects and maintaining nightly backups of all projects and the ISIS and graphics servers. Breaking down new features and episodes of incoming projects into subclips and creating dialogue strings from those subclips to allow editors a quicker turn around on projects. Assembling dailies footage into rough assembly cuts to allow editors to watch a new project before a client can give us a first cut. Maintaining project servers to ensure they never run out of memory. Logging all hard drives and scripts in FileMaker and tracking where they are at any given moment.

5/17 – 6/17

Assistant Editor (Adobe After Effects CC) – Han Soju

Commercial/Ad Details
5/17 – 6/17

Assist in rough assembly of footage and effects of multiple videos highlighting cocktail recipes.

11/16 – 11/16

Grip – Loot Crate

Commercial/Ad — Loot Crate Studios
11/16 – 11/16
8/16 – 8/16

Grip 4 Eyes

Film (Short) Details
8/16 – 8/16

Building frames and setting up grip stands, setting up lighting equipment and diffusion for interior and exterior scenes, operating generators for exterior power, running stingers for lights and various departments, loading and unloading grip truck for location changes.

7/16 – 7/16

Key Grip Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks

Film (Theatrical) — Coconut Monkeys, LLC. Details
7/16 – 7/16

Setting up lighting equipment for interior and exterior scenes during day and night shoots, directing grips and swings on rigging setups, rigging lights and stands for complex set ups, creating day for night set ups, keeping inventory of rented grip and electric gear, and assisting in tech scouts for shooting locations.

6/16 – 6/16

Best Boy Grip The Ice Cream Truck

Film (Theatrical) Details
6/16 – 6/16

Setting up lighting equipment for interior and exterior scenes during day and night shoots, building larger frames for exterior diffusion and negative fills, running stingers and headers for lights, building and leveling dolly tracks, and loading and unloading van for locations changes and making sure all equipment is accounted for.

5/16 – 6/16

Assistant Editor (Adobe Premiere) Desert Walk

Film (Short) Details
5/16 – 6/16

Syncing audio and video clips, organizing Premiere project for head editor, and labeling clips and assigning them to appropriate bins.

6/15 – 8/15

Post Production Intern National Science Foundation — Digital Details
6/15 – 8/15

Assisting in the production and dissemination of multimedia about NSF-funded research, editing video and audio content, creating motion graphics for media, assisting in the production of field and in-studio content.


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Class of '15

American University

Film and Media Arts

My Gear

  • Canon Rebel


  • Avid
  • Video Editing
  • Final Draft
  • Writing
  • Adobe Audition
  • Lighting
  • Logging
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • grip
  • Transcoding
  • Celtx
  • Rigging
  • Electrical
  • Adobe Premiere CC
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Exporting
  • Adobe Prelude
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Digital Content Creation