I'm Richard Ash; my passion for playing and listening to music led me down the path of Digital Audio Technology, (DAT). With a Bachelors of Science in DAT, I blend and create audio solutions with a colorful musical background and a professional work flow


4/16 – Current

Sound Mixer – Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church

4/16 – Current

Stage set up and break down, assist head mixing engineer to configure console (GL 3300), mic instruments and vocals, set up monitor mixes, mix live band using E.Q. and FX, follow cue sheet and execute proper mutes and fades, communicate with lighting specialist/Projectionist, and Directors/musicians.

1/15 – 5/15

Sound Designer (Composer) Trouble Brewing

Film (Short) — Cogswell Polytechnical College Details
1/15 – 5/15

Create original sound design elements for picture; compose original music; program virtual instruments in Protools, spot sound design elements in protools, synthesize original sound design elements, condense music and score sessions into one master orchestration protools session, organize recording session for talent to play main theme, transcribe original score for recording artist, attend spotting session with director and music supervisor, communicate with visual fx team, create 2 pop, and update production reel in score session.

9/14 – 5/15

Sound Designer (Composer, Audio Post Mixer) – TEDx Vail

Commercial/Ad — Media Works Details
9/14 – 5/15

Create concept ideas with client, visual team, and audio team. Present original music ideas for feedback, generate original sound design elements for picture, spot sound design elements, meet client deadlines, attend audio supervisor review sessions, create audio post mix of final piece for client.

9/14 – 5/15

Sound Designer (Composer; Audio Post Mixer) – Hacker Dojo

Commercial/Ad — Media Works Details
9/14 – 5/15

Help create advertisement concept with Client, audio team and visual team; generate original sound design elements for picture, field recording, foley, and synthesis, compose original music.

9/14 – 5/15

Sound Designer (Sound Designer) Chef Koochooloo

Corporate — Media Works Details
9/14 – 5/15

Compose Original music for Company Identity, record music, program virtual instruments, generate original sound design elements for iPad Application, music mixing, session guitarist, research traditional music styles of several countries (UK, Uganda, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia) and generate music for iPad Application.


  • PSA - "SW"

  • TEDx:Vail 2016 Conference Trailer


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Class of '15

Cogswell Polytechnical College

Bachelors of Science, Digital Audio Technology


  • Audio Editing
  • Communication
  • Sound Design
  • Recording
  • Guitar
  • Music Theory
  • Mixing
  • Customer Service
  • Remixing
  • Music Editing
  • Time Management
  • Music composition
  • Scoring
  • ProTools
  • Mastering
  • Logic
  • Foley
  • File Management
  • Punctuality
  • Melodyne
  • Critical Listening
  • diligence
  • Dialogue Recording
  • Synthesis
  • Kontakt
  • instrument programming
  • interactive sound design
  • mixing for advertisement
  • percision
  • session management
  • session recording
  • spotting
  • tempo mapping