It is my goal to make each project I am working on better. I want to increase the value of the time that we spend in production. I love to look back at the products that I have worked on and see them achieve their objective.


6/22 – 6/23

Production Manager 1Vision Media

DFW High Schools — Live/Special Event — 1 Vision Media Details
6/22 – 6/23

We serve sponsors, equip schools, connect communities, and lead to improved student outcomes. We provide a turnkey dual-screen media experience, and professional production values, enable advertisers greater visibility and have targeted demographics, and a captive audience. We unlock the value of each fan,

6/22 – 8/22

Sound Mixer Fort Worth Today TV

CBS — TV — CQ Media Details
6/22 – 8/22

Audio mics, mixing, recording, and data management.

8/21 – 6/22

Field Producer Sports Video

High School Stadiums in Keller and Coppell — Live/Special Event — 1Vision Media Details
8/21 – 6/22

Coordinates and manages all aspects of video production from start to finish and serves as a show producer for in-stadium/arena events. A site producer will organize logistics, deadlines, and communications with schools and the 1Vision production team. They will also be responsible for shooting and editing video footage into suitable, finished products ready for broadcasting. Editorial elements may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, music, and graphics. They will handle everything from set lighting to running a camera to interviewing a subject to editing video. In their role as a producer for in-stadium events, the candidate needs to possess strong people and communication skills, have a decent knowledge of high school sports (particularly football) and be able to perform under pressure.

3/22 – 3/22

Technical Director Grappling

FloGrappling — Live/Special Event — FloSports Details
3/22 – 3/22

Technical Directing

12/21 – 12/21

Shader (V1) State Championship Football

Bally Sports — TV — Bally Sports West – Sinclair Broadcasting Details
12/21 – 12/21

Camera signal, iris control, and painting.

9/19 – 7/21

Line Producer

Staff Position — Trinity Fellowship Church Details
9/19 – 7/21

Recruiting crew and talent. Handling clearances, contracts, and legal paperwork. Organizing and scheduling production days. Development and preproduction. Location scouting. Budgeting and handling POs and reimbursements with accounting. Facilitating camera, lighting and rigging.

1/19 – 1/21

Director of Photography (DP) (Sony A7RII) Obesity Med (Pilot)

TLC — TV — Intuitive Entertainment Details
1/19 – 1/21

Director of Photography

12/20 – 12/20

Sound Mixer JB Swift

PSA — Corporate — Subversive Productions, LLC Details
12/20 – 12/20

Audio mixing and recording according to Covid-19 compliant proceedures.


  • Dallas Producers Association
  • Texas Film Commision


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Jordan Wilson
First Assistant Director
Ryan is a wonderful worker and great to have on set. He is diligent, efficient, and always willing to do what needs to be done with a smile on his face. Ryan is able to fix problems and fill needs before they occur; he is preemptive in getting tasks ...MORE...
Paul R. West
Camera Operator
Ryan is incredibly knowledgeable and a great asset to any set. He brings years of experience in the grip department and camera department and can work his way around a set with ease. Ryan has great set etiquette and was a pleasure to work along sid ...MORE...


Class of '04

West Texas A&M

B.S. Psychology

My Gear

  • Sound Devices 633
  • Lectosonic Wireless Lavs
  • Sennheiser MKH 8030


  • Line Producer
  • Field Audio
  • Key Grip
  • Video Department