Director of Photography, Cam OP, and RED Scarlet Weapon 5k (DMSCII) owner/operator.


3/21 – 3/21

Gaffer Vtech: GGCC/LFA Mom-to-Mom Videos

Leapfrog Learning — Advertising — Vtech Details
3/21 – 3/21

Lighting on seamless backgrounds with two Hudson Spiders, Skypanel, Litemats. Setting up three phase stage power and ring of fire for electrical.

3/21 – 3/21

Camera Operator (Red Epic Dragon DSMCI) Coast Contra "My Lady"

Area 51 Music LLC — Music Video
3/21 – 3/21
11/20 – 11/20

Director of Photography (DP) (Shot with RED Scarlet Weapon 5k) Steel Will

Festivals — Film (Short) — Privately funded Details
11/20 – 11/20

Shooting second unit scene coverage and providing B Cam for fight sequences.

10/20 – 10/20

Gaffer Bob Zombie Thriller

YouTube — Digital — Bob's Dance Shop
10/20 – 10/20
1/20 – 3/20

Director of Photography (DP) (Black Magic Ursa Mini) Polaris

B2B — Corporate — EUX Media Details
1/20 – 3/20

Arranging rentals and purchases for lighting and camera dept. Hiring camera operators and grip and electric to support two crews on seven sets. Designing lighting setups and electrical overheads to ensure a safe, clean setup for multi camera shooting. Working with art department to create pleasing compositions and set design on a monthly basis. Collaborated with recurring and new directors to shoot 1,500 educational "at home" videos.

11/19 – 11/19

Gaffer Bad Shadows - Take Me Home

Online — Music Video — Private Details
11/19 – 11/19

Designed lighting to work in concert with the Kira motion control robot from Motorized Precision. Lit with Skypanel S-60s, Mole Junior LEDs, Litemats, Aputure Lights, and Tungsten open face.

10/19 – 10/19

Camera Operator Young Sheldon (Season 3)

CBS Interactive — TV — CBS Interactive Details
10/19 – 10/19

Worked with the Director of Photography to light and shoot interviews for a two camera setup with the Young Sheldon cast members.

10/19 – 10/19

Director of Photography (DP) (Shot with RED Scarlet Weapon 5k) Experience it in Imax

Online — Digital — IMAX Details
10/19 – 10/19

Lit and shot interview footage of Tim Miller, director of "Terminator: Dark Fate" on green screen.


  • RED Digital Cinema
  • REDucation



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Class of '13

RED Studios

REDucation X
Class of '11

University of Oregon

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Journalism

My Gear

  • RED Scarlet Weapon 5k (DSMCII) Camera Package
  • Rokinon Xeens (24 35 50 85 mm)


  • Adobe Premiere
  • Camera Operator
  • Cinematographer
  • Director of Photography
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Gaffer
  • Red Cameras
  • Lighting Technician