From building narrative worlds for networks, crafting keynotes for executives to scriptwriting high-profile live events, generating ideas and synthesizing them into stories is my main focus. Turning thoughts into expression is what I live for.


7/18 – 5/19

Head Writer (Co-Creator) Weird Central

Nickelodeon — Digital — ArtPopp Media Details
7/18 – 5/19

Co-creator of Weird Central, an original narrative scripted television pilot developed for Nickelodeon. Think of a Twilight Zone for kids, set in a school stuck in a dimension where aliens, robots, clones and ironic twists are an everyday thing. Narrated by Becky Geekly, who chronicles the strange stories of her fellow classmates in her on-going epic graphic novel.

1/19 – 2/19

Head Writer NBA All Star Weekend (2019)

NBA — Live/Special Event — NBA-TV / NBA Entertainment Details
1/19 – 2/19

Head writer for the 2019 Mountain Dew Ice Rising Stars Game. Responsible for PA/Host scripts as well as the opening video sequence featuring Bill Nye The Science Guy.

10/18 – 11/18

Head Writer The ALMA Awards 2018

Fuse — Live/Special Event — Done + Dusted Details
10/18 – 11/18

Writer for the completely reimagined award show highlighting the achievements of our country's Latino cultural change-makers. Created videos, segments and other copy, while working with celebrity presenters to craft individual stories that reflected our theme, This is Our America. Broadcast live on Fuse TV November 4th, the show was hosted by Wilmer Valderrama, and featured performances by Miguel, Ally Brooke and Amara LaNegra, while honoring Eva Longoria, the cast of Jane the Virgin, J Alvarez, Rudy Mancuso and others.

4/16 – 9/16


Staff Position — AwesomenessTV Details
4/16 – 9/16

Head Writer for Top 5 Live, a show that takes audiences on an unpredictable journey, celebrating five things about a new guest influencer every weekday on Go90.

8/15 – 9/15

Head Writer (Speechwriter / Live Entertainment Writer) AirBnB Open Paris - Corporate (2015)

Live/Special Event — AIRBNB Details
8/15 – 9/15

Head writer for Airbnb's annual conference of hosts, held in Paris at the Parc De Villette and produced in conjunction with Civic Entertainment. Attended by over 5,000 Airbnb hosts from over 110 countries, the event was one of the largest international company conferences ever. Featuring keynotes from the founders and executive leadership of Airbnb, and other special guests including authors Marie Kondo and Alain de Botton. Responsible for developing speeches for executive keynotes as well as all the emcee scripting for the three-day event.

1/13 – 12/13

Head Writer (Guest Writer) Fuse Top 20 Countdown

Fuse — Live/Special Event — FUSE TV Details
1/13 – 12/13

Guest writer for Fuse's weekly countdown of the most-watched music videos.

7/13 – 7/13

Head Writer Top 25 One-Hit Heroes

Fuse — Live/Special Event Details
7/13 – 7/13

A countdown show featuring the best one-hit wonders of all-time.

7/12 – 7/12

Head Writer Fuse News Presents: Justin Bieber

Fuse — Live/Special Event — FUSE TV Details
7/12 – 7/12

A televised live fan interaction event featuring Justin Bieber taped live in New York.


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