Sean, a Writer, based in Burbank, has 1 Writer credit and 1 Head Writer credit, and has been a member since 2014.


3/12 – 6/16

Writer Top Story! Weekly

Live Event — iO-West Details
3/12 – 6/16

Wrote and produced sketch material ● Wrote 2-liner Jokes ● Attend pitch meetings

1/14 – 5/15

Head Writer (Top Story Weekly) Top Story! Weekly

Live Event — iO-West Details
1/14 – 5/15

● Ran pitch meetings to cultivate ideas and give assignments to writing staff based on topical news stories ● Provided final edit on all material before submission to final script ● Wrote topical/political based sketches/desk pieces and two-liner “Weekend Update” style jokes ● Created search tags and titles for online video searches ● Assisted in sketch production, including selecting props, image slides and music cues ● Helped writers produce individual sketches and desk pieces ● Approved writers for joining staff based on submitted packets ● Assisted in casting show talent ● Helped write and produce web video content for YouTube channel ● Wrote and produced talent submission for America’s Got Talent


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  • Comedy Writing
  • Desk Pieces
  • Film Production
  • Joke Writing
  • Production Crew
  • Script Revision
  • Sketch Comedy
  • Stage Production
  • Television Production
  • Video Production
  • Writing