I am a designer, painter, producer, video editor and character comedian. I own Hungry Productions LLC, which notable works have been seen on Funny or Die, College Humor, Huffington Post and more. I've produce(d) "I've Got Munchies" for 10+ years for MNN.


6/04 – Current

Executive Producer (EP) (Head Writer and Editor) I've Got Munchies

YouTube — Digital — Hungry Productions LLC Details
6/04 – Current

I am the show runner. I take each shows idea's concept, write it out, plan the shots, look for locations, budget each episode, get/make props and costumes, schedule the actors and comedians, run the shoots, then take the footage and edit them before strict bi-weekly deadlines to the network.

11/15 – 11/15

Preditor Dance Therapy

Live Event — Solocom Details
11/15 – 11/15

I produced, wrote, edited and starred in this one woman show that features 3 characters. I set up rehearsals, budgeted costumes, prepared and edited audio cues and created promotional media for the show.

9/15 – 10/15

Editor (Adobe Premiere Pro) Wannabe

YouTube — Digital — A Brendan Mcloughlin Film Details
9/15 – 10/15

I edited using Adobe Premiere Pro.

1/14 – 6/15

Editor Melanchomedy

Live Event — Jenneral Assembly Details
1/14 – 6/15

I prepared each video shoot- set organized staff, rented equipment, got props and costumes. Day of shoot- I ran the shoot, organized shot list. Post Production- I edited both audio and video cues for the production and organized them for easy understanding for the booth technician.

1/15 – 4/15

Editor (Sound onsite and Editing) First Time Affair

Vimeo — Digital — A Brendan Mcloughlin Film Details
1/15 – 4/15

During the shoot, I was in charge of sound recording using the boom mic and some camera shots using a steady cam and a Canon 5D. In Post Production- I edited the short using Premiere Pro.

10/14 – 11/14

Preditor The Joy Of Arting with Diana Ross

Live Event — Hungry Productions LLC Details
10/14 – 11/14

I wrote, produced, edited and starred in this one woman show. I conceptualized this character one woman show, set up the film shoot for internal video, prepared art pieces shown in the show, edited audio cues, edited internal video, ran rehearsals and created promotional media for the show.

1/14 – 6/14

Editor Legends of New York

YouTube — Digital — Brendan Mcloughlin Film Details
1/14 – 6/14

I edited this using Final Cut Pro.

3/14 – 3/14

Sound Assistant (Sound onsite) Shit- A Micro Short

YouTube — Digital — A Brendan Mcloughlin Film Details
3/14 – 3/14

I was in charge of audio recording during the shoot with a boom mic.


  • Producer at Manhattan Neighborhood Network



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Class of '04

Pace University

Theater BFA


  • Producing
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Project Management
  • Scriptwriting
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe Primer Pro
  • Concept Development/Design