I'm always on the lookout for new projects that will challenge me both creatively and technically, as well as new collaborators to establish long term relationships.


10/21 – 10/21

Director of Photography (DP) (Canon C200) JULIUS

Film (Short) Details
10/21 – 10/21

Crafted a period look for the film in Black & White. Adapted to changing environments in primarily exterior shoot.

10/21 – 10/21

Director of Photography (DP) (Sony a7s II) My New York

V Magazine — Advertising Details
10/21 – 10/21

Worked with name talent, creating a healthy rapport and positive work environment. Executed run-and-gun spontaneous camerawork.

3/21 – 3/21

Director of Photography (DP) (Panasonic EVA-1) Chiron in Leo

Film (Short) Details
3/21 – 3/21

Created emotional imagery that was deeply personal for the Director

10/20 – 10/20

Director of Photography (DP) (Red Weapon Helium 8K) Awakening

In Post-Production — Film (Short) Details
10/20 – 10/20

Working with a long-time collaborator to successfully plan and execute a movie shoot. Crafting the look of the film.

8/19 – 8/19

Director of Photography (DP) (Red Epic-W Helium 8K) Daphne Willis - I Am Enough

Music Video Details
8/19 – 8/19

Planning and organizing several lighting cues. Working with latest technology LED lighting units. Filming dance choreography with a Gimbal

11/18 – 11/18

Director of Photography (DP) (Arri Alexa Studio) The Cataclysm

New York Shorts International Film Festival — Film (Short) — Breadbox pictures Details
11/18 – 11/18

Operating the Camera. Designing the lighting. Directing the crew to implement the look of the film.

10/18 – 10/18

Director of Photography (DP) (Alexa Mini) I Want You Baby

LA Comedy Film Festival — Film (Short) Details
10/18 – 10/18

Working with first time Director to plan a film shoot. Collaborating on the shot list, and the visual arc of the film.

7/18 – 7/18

Director of Photography (DP) (Sony a7s II) Life to the Lees

Lighthouse International Film Festival — Film (Short) Details
7/18 – 7/18

Worked with a minimal budget to achieve the needs of the production and Director.

Self ID

I identify with the following groups:

  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Gender: Man



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Class of '14

New York University

BFA Film & Television

My Gear

  • Sony a7S
  • Red Epic-W
  • DJI Ronin RS2


  • Photography
  • Camera
  • organization
  • Lighting
  • Budget Management
  • Cinematograpy