Friendly, reliable, Commercial Sound Mixer with great set etiquette! Certified all-terrain, weather-resistant, locally sourced, healthy, professional location Sound Ninja! FCC part 74 license holder with access to protected & priority frequencies.


3/24 – 3/24

Sound Mixer Bon Jovi - Hulu docuseries SXSW Interview

Hulu — Digital — AARP Details
3/24 – 3/24

Capture Jon Bon Jovi interview - wire, boom, and send timecode and mix to camera.

2/24 – 2/24

Sound Mixer LBJ president Mark K. Updegrove Interviews (Season 1)

PBS — TV — The LBJ Foundation Details
2/24 – 2/24

Capture sound of host and guest speakers

1/24 – 1/24

Sound Mixer Fatal Attraction (Season 15)

TV One — TV — Jupiter Entertainment/The Production Hive Details
1/24 – 1/24


1/24 – 1/24

Sound Mixer Plaid Pony

SimpliSafe — Advertising — Plaid Pony Productions
1/24 – 1/24
12/23 – 12/23

Sound Mixer Medely Ad

Corporate — Red Riding Hood Productions Details
12/23 – 12/23

Mix, and capture audio for testimonials and interviews.

12/23 – 12/23

Sound Mixer Airship Syndicate Game Studio

Corporate — JWD Studios Details
12/23 – 12/23

Interviews with developers and owners

10/23 – 11/23

Sound Mixer LBJ president Mark K. Updegrove Interviews (Season 1)

PBS — TV — The LBJ Foundation Details
10/23 – 11/23

Mix, record interviews & wire talent. Always a single take with no booms. Perfect audio capture every time.

10/23 – 10/23

Sound Mixer Water Wars Documentary

Red Aces Production — Film (Feature-length) — One Chameleon Entertainment Details
10/23 – 10/23

Interview audio for senators


  • Sound Ninja Guild Austin Chapter
  • FCC Part 74 License holder


  • Somebody Feed Phil - Austin

  • Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Interview


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David is a phenomenal sound recordist. He is probably one of the most professional I have ever dealt with. He offers his expertise and is careful to stop problems before they arise. His equipment kit is always top notch, and only employs the best ...MORE...
Jacob Stone
Director of Photography (DP)
David is THE sound ninja. He uses his skills to record any and all sounds, dialogue, and folley necessary to complete a productions. Sometimes, you don't even know he's there with his ninja-like reflexes, but he's there. Capturing all the sound neede ...MORE...
JJ Pollack
I've had David record & mix production sound for me on multiple projects, and it always turns out sounding great! His detailed audio logs have made post-production a breeze, and he's always quick to alert me to potential pitfalls with our recording e ...MORE...


Class of '11

University of Texas at Austin

B.A. Mathematics
Class of '11

Austin Community College

A.S. Mathematics

My Gear

  • Digital smart slate
  • Comteks
  • Smart slate
  • Sound Devices
  • Zaxcom
  • IFBs
  • US Passport
  • Sanken CS-3e
  • Sennheiser MKH 50 Super-cardioid microphone
  • Shure SM58
  • Schoeps CMC641
  • Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Microphone
  • Dpa lavs
  • K-Tek boom pole
  • DPA 4017b
  • Sanken COS11D lavs
  • Sennheiser MKH 60
  • K-Tek Harness
  • K-Tek Boom box
  • Rode Blimp and shock mount system
  • Sennheiser MD46 Interview Mic with Triangle Flag
  • Sony MDR 7605 Headphones x4
  • Audio Limited A10 digital wireless system
  • Lectrosonics SNA600a x2
  • Betso Smart Slate
  • DPA 4018
  • Zaxcom Nova 16 track recorder/mixer
  • CineLa Piano Windshield
  • ZMT3-X Wireless Transmitters w/internal backup recordings
  • K-Tek Carbon fiber boom poles
  • Betso Digital Smart Slate
  • ZMT4 Wireless Transmitter w/internal backup recordings
  • Zaxcom MRX414 Module Receiver x2
  • Tentacle Sync E timecode box x4
  • Wireless Handheld (Stick Mics) with Flags


  • Spanish
  • reliable transportation
  • Location Sound Mixing
  • Bondable
  • good credit
  • Never cancelled a job
  • Clean BG no criminal record
  • Non-Elitist
  • Verite Ninja Technique
  • Reality Chaos Stamina
  • Narrative Scripted capable
  • Hostile Sound Environment Training
  • Completed Ken Strain Boom Right Master Class
  • Soldering and Cable repair
  • Completed How to Wire Talent Masterclass by Thomas Popp
  • Read "Producing Great Sound For Film & Video" by Jay Rose
  • Read "The Location Sound Bible" By Ric Viers
  • Completed 86hr Cinema Sound Course by Mark Edward Lewis
  • Read "Behind the Sound Cart" by Patruskha Mierzwa
  • FCC part 74 license - protected frequencies