Jack of all trades on a number of independent film sets In Denver and along the front range. Working with Students, documentarians, Independent film directors and various commercial projects. I'm a skilled sound mixer, a capable camera operator and the best storyboard artist around. My bread and butter is Editing and compositing visual fx. I work in the adobe suite but I'm also familiar with Final Cut X.


10/16 – 12/16

Director of Photography (Sony A77) Red Dust

Film (Short) — Red Raptor Video Details
10/16 – 12/16

Storyboards, Overheads, Script analysis, Lighting, Shotlist, slider and dolly work

11/16 – 11/16

Sound Mixer (2 day shoot - student project) Bium Bium Bamblo

Film (Short) — Red Raptor Video Details
11/16 – 11/16

Mic'ing actors and running AT835r shotgun microphone indoors. Producing foley. Acquiring royalty free stingers and accents.

11/16 – 11/16

Sound Mixer (At835r Shotgun mic, rode Blimpr, Zoom H4n recorder) Cupcake

Film (Short) Details
11/16 – 11/16

Sound recording and mixing, on-set foley, Room tone, placing sound blankets, working with DP

10/16 – 10/16

Gaffer (1 day student shoot) Withdrawan

Film (Short) — Red Raptor Video Details
10/16 – 10/16

Provided my own lights, 8 setups in 5 hours, LED panels, tungsten Redheads, CFL soft Boxes, Chinese lanterns, Silks, Flagging, Softboxes, Colored Gels.

8/16 – 8/16

Camera Operator (Sony A77) The Accident

Vimeo — Internet — Red Raptor Video Details
8/16 – 8/16

Prepping Car shots, color grading footage

6/16 – 6/16

Sound Mixer (Pro JK Lav Mic, zoom H1 recorder) Drafted

Film (Short) — Red Raptor Video Details
6/16 – 6/16

mic'ing actors, listening to playback, sound editing (normalization, syncing, sound design), foley work

2/16 – 4/16

Lead Editor (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop) When the Sunshine Passes

Film (Short) Details
2/16 – 4/16

Lead creative editor (not involved in production). Built rough cuts and dailies for review by creative team. Color correction Color grading. Foley and Sound Design. Royalty Free Music Acquisition. Sound FX and Stingers Acquisition.

1/13 – 3/15

Gaffer (Large Denver Production) Tony's Place

Film (Theatrical) — Cannibal Duck and Spilled Milk Productions Details
1/13 – 3/15

Lead gaffer - lighting setups and diffusion. Indoor and Outdoor shoots. 3 months of production days.


  • Red Dust

  • The Importance of Web Video


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Eric Fulcher
Grip and AC
Jordan is a capable and efficient worker, able to multitask and deliver the requested results. He has worked for me as a gaffer and listened attentively. On any set ge is friendly, approachable and knows the required level of etiquette. ...MORE...


Class of '18

Colorado Film School

Cinematography Certificate

My Gear

  • 400W Softbox CFL
  • 500w LED panel
  • 800W CFL
  • 800W Tungsten Redhead
  • AT835r Shotgun Microphone
  • Black Backdrop
  • Colored Gels
  • Green Screen
  • Matthews C-stand
  • sandbags
  • Slider
  • Sony Alpha 65
  • Sony Alpha 77
  • Zoom H1 Recorder
  • Zoom H4n Recorder


  • Adobe Audition
  • After Effects
  • Camera Operator
  • Director of Photography
  • Final Cut X
  • Foley
  • nonlinear editing
  • Premiere Pro
  • Sound Mixer
  • Storyboarding