Hello and thank you for taking the time to view my profile! I feel grateful to work in this industry and truly appreciate the people I've met and have had the pleasure of working with. I only want to contribute my skills, learn, & be around good people


5/16 – Current

Tech Department (Audio Lead) Apple Inc. / The CRE Group

Corporate — Apple Inc. Details
5/16 – Current

Lead Audio Technician within Apple Inc. Tech Department sets up FOH and breakout rooms; cables, RF rack, monitors, mics, wireless and hardwired comm systems, as well as esthetics, talent management and mic management (lavs/DPA). We maintain and operate equipment during all in house productions and all broadcast, domestic or international.

8/14 – Current

Audio Assistant (Lead) Inside Pac12 Football (Season 4)

TV — Pac-12 Network Details
8/14 – Current

Lead Audio Assistant is in charge of all audio equipment in the studio and every component of our audio and comm system. Talent is a first priority when in studio and is mic up and managed by the lead A2. Lead A2 also acts as a stage manager and will be the communication between crew and director and sometimes producer.

8/13 – Current

Mix Technician (Lead) Pac-12 Networks Sports Report (Season 4)

TV — Pac-12 Networks Details
8/13 – Current

Lead Audio Engineer/Mixer for Pac-12 Networks flagship show Sports Report, from setup to operation/mixing live and taped segments. Using the Calrec Artemis mixng console, Evertz routers, RTS comms, Spot On for music cues, and software such as Dalet to retrieve rundowns and run prompter, as well as Dugan for our automixer and GUI navigation. Responsibilities revolve around maintaining and monitoring the proper mix and level out, being able to troubleshoot on instant request and effectively resolve the issue without disrupting production. Handling all matters with confidence and poise, giving my team the peace of mind that they can rely on me for anything that pops up.

6/16 – 6/16

Audio Assistant (Lead) NBA Finals

ABC — TV — NBA Entertainment, Inc./AVMS Details
6/16 – 6/16

Lead Audio Assistant was in charge of setup, manage/operation, and breakdown of both the coach/player press room, the Commissioners press room and the Warriors practice facility. I managed all cable runs from mixer to stage box, RTS comm station/packs setup, boom mics, main table mics, and podium goose necks for the Commissioner, Coaches and Players in the press rooms and practice facility. Lead A2 was also put in charge of NBA players and coach microphones; adjusting the mics or taking the mic off the mic stand for certain players. Took care of all esthetics, lighting, and any extra requests from any NBA personal.

5/16 – 5/16

Audio Assistant (Lead) VRG

Live/Special Event — VTS Details
5/16 – 5/16

Lead Audio Assistant was put in charge of running power, XLR, Socapex, and cat5 cables. Set up FOH subs, monitors, front fills and fold backs. Setup Dante from RIO's 1/2 by setting up switch, flipping dip switches on RIO to make sure communication signal is solid. Mic cable drops and mic setup from RF rack, mic test and facts.

5/16 – 5/16

Stagehand (Audio, Video, Lighting, Projection) Tesla Motors / AV Concepts

Corporate — VTS Details
5/16 – 5/16

Stagehand's responsibility was to assist the production crew with their strike in all departments assigned. I assisted where I was asked and the more I knew the more they moved me around, from audio, video, lighting and projection.

4/16 – 4/16

Technical Lead (Audio/Lighting) Break The Floor

Live/Special Event — VTS Details
4/16 – 4/16

Technical Lead in this capacity was focused on audio and lighting with some stage building and truss builds. Ran power, saco, xlr, dmx, cat5, NL4/NL8, and fiber. Helped build stage and lighting truss that attached to the stage. Mounted/Set Lekos, LED's and moving lights (Gobos).

12/15 – 12/15

Stage Manager (Talent) Golden State Warriors Interviews / .HashtagLunchbag

Live/Special Event — ESPN SPORTS / AVMS Details
12/15 – 12/15

Talent Stage Manager in this capacity was held responsible for communicating with NBA production crew and NBA players in preparation of going on stage to be interviewed by Bob Fitzgerald and hosted by Ruby Lopez. Handled all logistics and esthetics of backstage, from the green room to each NBA player experience station.


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Class of '12

Foothill College

AA Music Technology / Communications, Intercultural Comm


  • Video
  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • Adobe
  • Audio
  • Mixing
  • Projection
  • PA
  • AVID Pro Tools
  • Logic
  • Apple
  • Post Audio Editing