I've been working as a fixer & local producer in Cambodia for 12 years now. There is no project is too big or too small for me at all.! Most importantly I have very strong supports from government ministries, local authorities & professional local crews!


4/16 – 4/16

Fixer (Local) Water shartage in Cambodia

CTV — News (TV) — CCTV News - IFA Media Details
4/16 – 4/16

I worked as a fixer and local manager for permits, locations, and run the whole logistics..

2/16 – 4/16

Fixer (Lead) Dual Survival (Season 6)

Discovery — Reality/Doc (TV) — Original Media Details
2/16 – 4/16

I worked to manage the whole crews, locations for shooting, all the logistics needed. I worked very closed with Greg Rosa and Justin Pierret on the location and Dennis Anderson and Christian Palladina

1/15 – 1/15

Fixer (Lead) Breaking Borders (Season 4)

Travel — Reality/Doc (TV) — MY-Tupelo Entertainment Details
1/15 – 1/15

I worked as fixer in Cambodia episode, putting all together the permits, locations, talents, location crews, additional gears, accommodation, transports, meal and all logistics.

8/14 – 8/14

Fixer (Lead) The Return

Film (Theatrical) — Sparta Film Co., Ltd, Thailand Details
8/14 – 8/14

I worked as a fixer and coordinator, to run the permits, locations, local crews supports, and some logistics.

1/14 – 4/14

Fixer (Lead) Jungle Atlantis (Season 1)

BBC — Reality/Doc (TV) — BBC Productions Details
1/14 – 4/14

I worked to arrange the permits, locations, talents, accommodation, transports, local crews and all logistics for both episodes for Angkor Wat Hiden Maga-City, Cambodia

2/14 – 2/14

Fixer (Lead) Google Street View - Angkor Wat Launch (Season 3)

National Geographic — Reality/Doc (TV) — B-Reel, Inc. Details
2/14 – 2/14

I worked a s a fixer to manage the local crews, locations, accommodation and all the logistics for the whole time of shooting.

9/13 – 9/13

Fixer (Cultural Expert) CNN

CNN — News (TV) — CNN / Turner Broadcasting Details
9/13 – 9/13

I was a fixer and host for the CNNGo Angkor Wat Cambodia

4/13 – 5/13

Fixer (Lead) Access 360 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Angkor Wat

National Geographic — Reality/Doc (TV) — IFA Media Details
4/13 – 5/13

I worked as a fixer and coordinator, arrange all permits, locations, transports, local crews, accommodation, all logistics in Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia.



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Class of '13

Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia

Greater Tour Guide Official Certificate
Class of '04

Ponleu Production & Film School in Phnom Penh

Certificate of Completion
Class of '00

Royal University of Fne Arts Phnom Penh

Bacelor Degree of Archaeology
Class of '97

Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia

Official Tour Guide Certificate
Class of '96

Royal University of Law in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Deploma Degree

My Gear

  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Canon C 300
  • Black Magic 4K


  • Photography
  • Problem Solving
  • Negotiation
  • Quality Control
  • Tourism
  • People Skills
  • Hard Working
  • Good Listener
  • Chinese Language
  • Local Knowledge
  • Archaeological Conservation
  • Budgeting for Pre-production
  • Full Accountability
  • General Budget Management
  • Gov't Officers
  • Great Teamwork & Team Building
  • Law Consultant
  • Local Law
  • Nature & Wildlife
  • Open & Couragious Communication
  • Risk Taking
  • Speed in working
  • Thriving in changes