I have over five years of experience producing short films in a wide variety of scenarios, both domestically and internationally. I'm a strong, passionate worker with high standards for accomplishments.


8/19 – 1/20


YouTube — Advertising — Wheaton College (MA) Details
8/19 – 1/20

Just this past January, I created a new flagship promo video for Wheaton College, Massachusetts. I produced, directed, and edited the entire production while also supervising two other individuals working as camera operators. I also coordinated with several departments, ranging from the Marketing, Admissions to Advancement department. Overall, the project took 6 months to complete. Here is a link to the flagship promo video I produced for Wheaton College this past fall:

6/18 – 8/19

Social Media Manager (Camp Laurel, ME)

YouTube — Advertising — Camp Laurel Details
6/18 – 8/19

For the past two summers, I was a social media manager and a videographer for one of the largest, most successful summer camps/getaways in the United States- their revenue exceeds several million dollars annually. On a daily basis, I worked with the entire executive leadership team on creating engaging content that was in alignment with their core values and marketing objectives. Typically, we'd produce a video a week in addition to other photo posts. Here is a link to one of their videos I produced:



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Class of '22

Wheaton College (MA)

BA in Film & New Media Studies

My Gear

  • DJI Ronin-M
  • DJI Ronin-S
  • Sony FS5 II
  • DJI Mavc 2 Pro


  • Social Media
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Director of Photography
  • Drone Operation