Tina, a Producer/Production Manager, based in Los Angeles, has 2 Producer credits and 1 Associate Director credit, and has been a member since 2016.


7/16 – 10/16

Producer Carmelita

Film (Theatrical) — MoviesMakingADifference/T-Love Media, LLC Details
7/16 – 10/16

Project fund raising. Script Analysis. Project Budgeting. Locations. Casting. Distribution & Sales.

4/16 – 4/16

Associate Director Voyage to Rockville - Live Concert

Live Event — Sanre Entertainment Details
4/16 – 4/16

Director/Consultant for Live concert, for Live Streaming. Philipines.

1/16 – 2/16

Producer Hogswipe Nation

Sizzle Reel — Reality/Doc (TV) — Rainnes Group/Life's A Beach/T-Love Media, LLC Details
1/16 – 2/16

Concept Ideation, Unscripted, Travel location shooting, casting, editing, hire crew, editing, create sizzle reel, pitch to WB.

8/13 – 9/15

Still Photographer Journey Music Band

Live Event — Sanre Entertaiment Details
8/13 – 9/15

Live concert, backstage, press, print photography.

4/14 – 7/14

Production Accountant Wizardream

Film (Theatrical) — Dragonchild Productions LLC Details
4/14 – 7/14

Pre-Production. On-Set Production & Post Production. • Assist the Producer and Line Producer in all administrative areas including phones, scheduling,expense tracking, calendar management and project coordination. • Set-up office location. Shooting Warehouse. Phone, Alarm, Internet, Copy System. • Assist Line Producer with rental contracts and administrative purchases. • Assist Line Producer with Pre-Production. On-Set Production. Post Production. • Coordinate casting calls with Casting Director, Actors, and Agents. SAG contracts & Deal Memos/reports as directed by the Line Producer. Day of Days Schedule. Maintain Actor Time Log. • Assist Line Producer with hotels and travel arrangements for actors. • Ensure all talent is taken care of and accommodated during production. • Coordinate with SAG & Payroll Companies by reviewing & submitting time cards. • Coordinate vendors, locations and shooting schedule. • Create Purchase Orders & Wrap Books. Check Log. Organize/Reconcile Petty Cash & Create PC Log/Report. Reconcile Wrap Books for Accounting Department. • Create & maintain daily development, pending issues, and Deal Memo reports for the Producers. • Assist Line Producer with rights & clearances. • Assist Line Producer & Director with research & photos relevant to movie script. • Assist Line Producer with tech scouts, and above the line contracts. • Attend daily production meetings for review & weekly plan of action. • Work closely with the Line Producer on meeting the goals & deadlines of weekly shooting schedule &! delivery of elements to post. • Report on-set to coordinate vendors, crew, equipment, talent, caterer, etc. • Assist Line Producer to meet all Union regulations. • Press photography for actors. On-set still photography as per the Director.

4/13 – 7/13

Still Photographer – Playback Motion Pictures

4/13 – 7/13

Press, poster, set, advertising photography.

1/91 – 1/06

Production Executive (Producer/Administrative Director of Production) – FM Rocks

1/91 – 1/06

Oversaw rise of the company to the top of the industry. Increase music video production in the industry by 200%. Increased marketing and sales. Conceive, write, produce, award-winning, music video treatments for MTV. Music Video Producer. Work directly with top Record Labels. Commercial Producer. Work directly with top Ad Agencies. Successfully aired 90% of our videos in heavy rotation on networks: MTV, BET, FUSE. Lead daily production meetings and weekly production calls. Approve wrap books, purchase orders, invoices, payroll, petty cash, write checks. Supervise eighteen staff, including offering feedback and enforcing deadlines. Act as a liaison and manage cross-functional departments, such as IT, Branding, Product Placement, Commercial, Music Video, Direct to DVD, Animation, and Accounting. Incorporate advertisers and products into shows in innovative ways and with product placement. Manage writers, remote freelancers, designers, media specialists, production crew and office staff. Coordinate with and supervised vendor studios. Manage casting and selected shot locations. Create shot lists, book talent, and locations and prepare the location and set for shooting. Administrative management including, phones, scheduling, expense reporting, calendar management, project coordination, building maintenance & lease agreements, travel itineraries, expense reports. Source, hire qualified vendors, staff, negotiate contracts, decrease costs to the organization. Manage team building initiatives and overall support for maintenance of organizational culture and employee morale. Develop and maintain an alert system for upcoming deadlines on incoming requests and events. Manage the President's complex and frequently changing travel arrangements and coordinate the pre-planning of trips. Supervise social media marketing strategies. Offer feedback on the quality of videos and coached other staff members and video directors on how to improve videos. Compiled financial reports pertaining to cash receipts, expenditures, profit and loss. Discover major instances of fraud, embezzlement and large balances due. Review collection reports, determining collection status and the amounts of outstanding balances. Process travel expenses and reimbursements. Work with managers to develop annual expense plan goals.

9/87 – 1/89

Production Manager – Propaganda Films

9/87 – 1/89


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Class of '89

L.A.C.C. Theatre Academy

Theatre Arts

My Gear

  • Nikon D3


  • SAG


  • 14-24' Truck Driver
  • Adv. Crew Contacts
  • Adv. Set Equipment Knowledge
  • Advanced Physical Production
  • Author
  • Concept Ideation
  • Ep Budgeting
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Fund Acquisitions
  • Google Docs
  • IMovie
  • Lighting Knowledge
  • MS Office Suite
  • Photoshop
  • Producer
  • Production Accountant
  • Production Manager
  • Quickbooks
  • Screenplay Adapation
  • Script Analysis
  • Social Media Savvy
  • Still photographer
  • Videographer