Over the past eight years of my career, I’ve built a unique and diverse skill set by doing as much as I could and as best as I could; all because I just love movies, man.


12/18 – 12/18

Director of Photography (DP) (Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6k) Orbital Christmas

Film (Short) Details
12/18 – 12/18

Director of photography on a week-long shoot in LA. Orbital Christmas is an all-green screen film shot on a large soundstage.

10/18 – 11/18

Visual Effects Artist Vault

Film (Feature-length) Details
10/18 – 11/18

I was responsible for modeling, rendering, and compositing virtual sets into location footage. The sets involved taking a fairly standard ballroom and converting it into a casino.

8/18 – 11/18

Visual Effects Artist Notes From Melanie

Film (Short) Details
8/18 – 11/18

Creating overly dramatic effects to parody films such as Sharknado and other bad action films. Responsibilities included simulating and rendering giant explosions and animating and rendering and simulating a firebreathing dinosaur.

8/18 – 8/18

Visual Effects Artist

Advertising Details
8/18 – 8/18

I supervised onset shooting of scenes involving a talking animal. I then created the talking animal effects, as well as edited the ad and color corrected it.

5/18 – 7/18

Colorist Thirteen One

PBS — TV — TK2 Films Details
5/18 – 7/18

Color grading an hour-long documentary covering heroin addiction.

5/18 – 7/18

Visual Effects Artist Electron Blade: Calahan

YouTube — Film (Short) Details
5/18 – 7/18

Compositing green screen footage with an entirely virtual city, vehicles, digital humans, and more. Months and months of creating art assets went into this before any of the compositing even began.

6/17 – 12/17

Visual Effects Artist Blade of Honor

Film (Short) Details
6/17 – 12/17

I composited nearly 20 minutes worth of shots, creating space backgrounds, explosions, etc. Required compositing practical ship elements with CGI.

10/16 – 10/16

Director of Photography (DP) (Black Magic Ursa Mini 4k) Harombie

Film (Short)
10/16 – 10/16


  • Tommy Kraft - Director of Photography Reel

  • Visual Effects Breakdown 01: Virtual sets and Fluid Simulations


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My Gear

  • LED Light Panels
  • 2k Tungsten Fresnel
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  • Blackmagic URSA
  • 1.2K HMI Par
  • Hazer
  • 1.2k HMI Fresnel
  • 1k Schactler Tungsten Fresnel
  • 1k Tungsten Fresnel
  • 3x 300W Tungsten Open Face Fixtures
  • 5k Tungsten Fresnel
  • 650W Tungsten Fresnel
  • Cinemills 12k HMI
  • LED Fresnel
  • LTM 6k HMI
  • Mole-Richardson 900A Distro Box