An aspiring filmmaker, who’s experienced in non-linear editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Avid and has intermediate knowledge of videography techniques and aesthetics, is looking for an Assistant Editor/ Junior Editor experience.


6/15 – 8/16

Assistant Editor (Premiere) BTTIP SUMMER '15

Corporate — NYC SBS
6/15 – 8/16
4/16 – 4/16

Assistant Editor (Premiere) – Kraftsmaid

Commercial/Ad — Washington Square Films
4/16 – 4/16
8/15 – 4/16

Assistant Editor (Premiere) – Hover Pictures

8/15 – 4/16

Transcoded and transcribed footage for various projects. Familiar with syncing software such as Pluraleyes. Familiar with transcoding software such as Media Encoder and Davinci Resolve. Prepared Deliverables for Color and Sound mixing. Organized and prepared selects for Senior/Supervising Editor. Received Editor credit on a few projects. Manage company’s inventory.

1/16 – 3/16

Assistant Editor (Premiere) Whose Streets?

Film (Theatrical) — Whose Streets? LLC Details
1/16 – 3/16

Pulling and organizing Editor’s into easily accessible categories. Cutting down footage into usable selects Any additional logging and syncing that should become necessary

10/15 – 3/16

Assistant Editor (Premiere) Mississippi Vegan

Vimeo — Digital — Hover Pictures
10/15 – 3/16
1/15 – 5/15

Assistant Editor (Premiere) – BRIC Brooklyn Media Arts

1/15 – 5/15

Ensure that the audio quality for various contents was professional and edit if needed. Assist on various shoots as production assistant with audio, lighting, camera-work, etc. Assist on various editing projects. Multi-Camera syncing/editing with Plural Eyes in Premiere Pro


  • My Reel

  • Demo Hands Reel


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Class of '15

New York City College of Technology

Entertainment Technology (BTech)

My Gear

  • Avid
  • Pro Tools
  • Macbook Pro
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Canon EOS rebel T5i
  • Davinici Resolve


  • Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)


  • Color Grading
  • Transcribing
  • Transcoding
  • Sound mixing
  • Video camera operation
  • Film/Video Production
  • Audio/Sound Engineering
  • Video Editing Skills & Aesthetics
  • Videography Aesthetics