I've been doing location and studio audio for over 30 years. I have a nice studio built into my home for VO, music, mixing, and a small on-camera space. For more information, come visit me.


7/14 – 7/14

Sound Mixer – Royal Farms

Commercial/Ad — Blue Rock Productions Details
7/14 – 7/14

Micing, mixing and recording sound for 5 Royal Farms TV spots

1/13 – 12/13

Co-Producer (Editor/Mixer) Aches And Gains 3

Algiatry Details
1/13 – 12/13

Third season of Producer and Editor mixer for Aches And Gains, now on Sirius/XM

8/13 – 8/13

Sound Mixer Civil War Game SHow Pilot

Reality/Doc (TV) — Blue Rock Productions Details
8/13 – 8/13

Lay cables invisibly on set and mic six participants. Double record to Sound Devices 664.

7/13 – 7/13

Sound Mixer Service Excellence

David DeBoy Productions for Touchstone Energy Details
7/13 – 7/13

Sound Mixer and all audio for a two-day series shot in Washington DC at Bella Facia for a three-camera shoot with double recorded audio.

7/13 – 7/13

Editor (Final Cut Pro) James Morant Video Project

Technique, Inc. (dba Ty Ford Audio & Video) Details
7/13 – 7/13

Capturing black gospel performances from aging VHS archive for web distribution

7/13 – 7/13

Producer/Shooter (sound mixer, audio and video editing) Chuck Ansell Audition

Technique, Inc. (dba Ty Ford Audio & Video) Details
7/13 – 7/13

Rather than drive to North Carolina, Mr Ansell hired me to shoot his audition for a commercial.

7/13 – 7/13

Producer/Shooter (studio lighting, audio, audio and video editor) Peter Francis Web Video

Technique, Inc. (dba Ty Ford Audio & Video) Details
7/13 – 7/13

A series of four video modules to sell Clinical Lab Sales services for Peter Francis.

7/13 – 7/13

Sound Mixer Northrop Grumman

Live / Special Event (TV) — Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Details
7/13 – 7/13

Audio for three-camera shoot involving seven clients at tables, a presenter and mics around white board. Double record



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Class of '68

Grantham School of Electronics

Prep for FCC First Class Radio Telephone Operator's License

My Gear

  • Countryman B6 micro lav
  • Countryman E6 headworn mic
  • Countryman EMW lavs
  • JVC HM-650 HD Camcorder
  • K-Tek 16ft boom
  • Mole Richardson Biax-4 Dimmable Flourescent fixture
  • Rode NTG-3 shotgun w/Windbreaker
  • Schoeps CMC6 w/Mk41
  • Senneheiser G2/G3 wireless systems
  • Sennheiser 416 shotgun w/Windbreaker
  • Sennheiser 816 shotgun w/Windbreaker
  • Sound Devices 442 4-channel mixer
  • Sound Devices 664 w/CL-6 mixer/recorder
  • Sound Devices MixPreD mixer




  • copy writing
  • dialog recording
  • location audio
  • music recording
  • simple 3-point lighting
  • studio audio
  • voiceover
  • voiceover directing